When Makino customers talk about productivity, What they’re thinking about is competitive advantage.

How important is productivity in today’s world of advanced manufacturing? If you listen to Makino customers, it’s pretty much everything. In fact, the more you read about their experiences making the new, more complex parts that really matter, the more you understand why this isn’t just a story of survival. It’s the centerpiece of sales growth, business expansion and category leadership.

”We estimate we’ve seen a
40 to 60 percent reduction
in cycle times on all jobs
moved to the Makino cell.”

— Precise Tool & Die

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Precise Tool & Die

For Precise Tool & Die, getting ahead has always meant thinking ahead. Back in the ’80s, when the Cleveland-based company saw die and mold work starting to head overseas, it began incorporating part production work into its lineup. Fast-forward about 25 years, and Precise Tool & Die is still looking beyond the horizon. This time, setting its sights on expanding its production machining. For that, Precise Tool & Die liked what it saw in the a61s and the MMC2.

“The capabilities we saw with the MMC2 were inspiring as we looked to continue our expansion of production machining,” recalls Al Large, the production manager at Precise Tool & Die.

Since then, the promise of that first look has been fulfilled, and then some. In fact, jobs that once required outsourcing are now running in the shop.

“The MMC2 has not only improved efficiency within the job orders running on the machines, but workflow as a whole,” says Frank Corrao, vice president of manufacturing and sales. “The shop floor is busier than ever before, and it’s obviously not because of the state of the economy. It’s because of our competitiveness.”

See how Makino is helping manufacturing companies like Precise Tool & Die compete, and win, in the global marketplace.

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“The machine’s rapid
acceleration/deceleration rates
and 0.9-second tool changes
have reduced part cycle
times by 50 percent.”

— Quality Vision International

Learn how Makino helps Quality Vision International combine accuracy and productivity

Quality Vision International

At Quality Vision International (QVI), success is measured in microns. As the world’s largest vision metrology company, QVI is driven by precision, supporting the measurement and inspection requirements of manufacturers around the globe. To meet its own exacting standards, QVI manufactures many of its metrology devices at its main facility in Rochester, N.Y. However, when it began development of its SmartScope Flash 302 for OGP, QVI knew it had to bring new machines in to get the job done right. For QVI, Makino’s a61 and a81 horizontal machining centers measured up.

“The a61’s capabilities are exceptional, exceeding our expectations and impressing even the most skeptical in our shop,” says QVI Shop Floor Manager David Wolf.

ROI for the a81 exceeded expectations, too.

“Increased roughing accuracies reduced finishing times and sped 302 production, allowing us to achieve a much faster than expected ROI on the a81,” he says.

In a business where success is gauged by a level of accuracy that’s invisible to the naked eye, Makino is helping QVI redefine the market space.

“Being a market leader in measurement equipment requires the ability to produce parts with accuracies beyond our customers’ required specs,” says Wolf. “This shop isn’t afraid of new technology and with the results we’re seeing out of our a61 and a81, we’re more excited than ever to push the envelope of measurement standards. When your purpose as a company is accuracy, you can’t settle for anything less.”

See how Makino is helping manufacturing companies like Quality Vision International achieve a higher measure of success.

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Makino machines: Helping you make more of what matters.

“With the Makino machining cell,
we replaced five machines
with two, while doubling production
capacity and improving quality
and flexibility.”

— Cincinnati Mine

Find out how Makino is helping Cincinnati Mine improve the machining efficiency of steel forging components

Cincinnati Mine

Higher production. Check. Tougher parts. Check. Greater flexibility. Yep, that, too, along with less manual involvement. That’s what Cincinnati Mine Machinery achieved when it made the move to automated production machining. It was a big leap for the nearly 90-year-old company, but one that Cincinnati Mine decided to take when it faced the challenge of increased sales activity and limited production capacity back in 2008.

“Our five previous milling machines from 1995 weren’t cutting it anymore, causing us daily headaches with regard to reliability, inconsistency and productivity. We had to do something,” recalls Tim Jent, production supervisor at Cincinnati Mine.

That “something” turned into the installation of a Makino Machining Complex (MMC2) with 24 pallets and two a71 horizontal CNC machines. For Cincinnati Mine, it’s been something of a productivity revolution.

“Even with over 25 different part varieties, we’re still running more efficiently than ever, producing about 20,000 parts each month while running two shifts,” says Randy Morris, Cincinnati Mine Machinery’s manager of engineering. “The cell’s scheduling software and unattended reliability have reduced our overall cycle times by 70 percent compared to previous processes and have enabled us to run parts over nights and some weekends when our orders are even higher. To sum it up, we’re running more parts with better quality, faster than at any other point in the company’s history.”

For Cincinnati Mine, one MMC2 became one giant leap for forging ahead in the global economy.

Machine automation revolutionizes productivity at Cincinnati Mine.

See how Makino is helping manufacturing companies like Cincinnati Mine forge a productivity revolution.

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Makino machines: Helping you make more of what matters.

“The Makino has reduced our
setup time, costs and handwork.
It’s helped us increase
production, even though we’ve
removed seven machines from
our shop floor.”

— Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing

Get the full story on Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing’s ROI in high-speed machining capabilities

Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing

When times were tough, there was only one path Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd. of Windsor, Ontario, considered to come out ahead of its competition: by being aggressive and forward thinking. In June, 2010, Cavalier made that step forward when it invested in a Makino a92 horizontal machining center and has reaped the rewards ever since.

“The combination of Makino’s programmable through-spindle coolant technology, 92-capacity automatic tool changer and B-axis rotary table enable us to perform several types of operations with fewer setups,” says Mike McNaughton, Cavalier Tool’s machining supervisor. “This configuration allows us to do drilling, boring, thread milling, tapping, 2-D and 3-D machining without the operator ever touching the part. With jobs we’ve transferred to the a92, we’re typically seeing a 50 percent reduction in the number of setups and up to three times the productivity of previous processing techniques.”

What kind of advantage has this meant for Cavalier Tool? By its own estimation, when working in hardened materials, the Makino a92 completes jobs up to twice as fast as with competitive machines.

“We’ve become successful because of how we machine,” concludes Cavalier President, Brian Bendig.

High-speed machining moves forward at Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing.

Explore all the ways Makino is helping manufacturing companies like Cavalier seize today’s biggest market opportunities.

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Makino machines: Helping you make more of what matters.

a92 Horizontal Machining Center 4 Axis

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