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EDM Hole drilling. Oil versus Water

Learn about different EDM hole drilling technologies and the impact on performance, accuracy and quality between oil and water di-electric systems. Hole size, entry and exit conditions, speed and L to D ratio will determine which system provides the superior solution. Several different technologies and systems will be reviewed that match the requirements of the EDM drilling application.


Effects of Thermal Changes in Die/Mold applications

Many machine tool manufacturers address the generation of heat during long machining operations in different ways. Some are far more effective than others. In this webinar you will learn about unique technologies designed to address the challenges of thermal growth on die and mold machining applications. Specific data and test results will demonstrate the effects of thermal growth and its impact on work surfaces and how it can be managed and controlled to insure accuracy and finish.


5-axis Automation

Automation will be essential for North American manufacturers to compete globally. Makino is introducing a simple, flexible robot system for 4 and 5 axis horizontal machining centers that can be installed quickly and facilitates numerous part families. Learn how to implement cost effective automated part loading and unloading of complex 5 axis parts.


IMTS Preview

Makino will be bringing an incredible array of high performance machine technologies to IMTS 2014 in Chicago. Learn about new machines, automation systems, part demonstrations, unique displays, technical presentations and new technologies that will improve your manufacturing performance and profitability.


Novel micro milling technologies for rib cutting and micro hole drilling in tungsten carbide

Learn how to approach rib milling from a different perspective, as we share a machining technique that allows for single pass, full depth machining of deep, thin ribs. In addition, we would like to introduce new tooling technologies and machining techniques that permit direct mechanical drilling of tungsten carbide and various other ceramics, heat resistant glass, and other non-metallic, hard to machine brittle materials.