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A new solution for non-ferrous die cast parts

Is your company one of the many who are machining aluminum or non-ferrous die cast parts? If so, odds are that you are using general purpose horizontal / vertical machining centers or light duty drill tap centers to produce those parts. While these machines are traditional solutions, they are not ideally suited for machining near net shape parts. Competitive pressures and OEM demands for reduced per piece costs are rapidly driving the need for a new solution. Attending this webinar will introduce you to a specifically designed, purpose built horizontal machining center, the new a40, which can optimize the production of near net shape die cast components. Learn about the innovative ROI design techniques which help to reduce part cycle times and eliminate unplanned down time. If you are machining die cast components, the Makino a40 is YOUR machine for YOUR industry!


The Hyper-i Control revolution

See the future of EDM control technologies! Learn about Makino’s expanded Hyper-i control family, and how this unified control system for both Wire and Sinker EDM machines provides operators with enhanced functions to improve productivity, regardless of operator skill level. The Hyper-i controls feature intuitive, intelligent, and interactive functions that utilize familiar smartphone/tablet functionality that provide operators with a powerful and user-friendly interface.