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Maximizing Machine Uptime and Reducing Service Costs with ProVis Remote Diagnostics

Never miss another deadline again. With the new ProVis remote diagnostics technology, machine service and support is as simple and efficient as having an actual Makino technical support specialist on-site at your facility in a matter of minutes, but without the cost. In this webinar, learn how you can install ProVis technology on your Pro5 enabled machining center. Discover the intuitive and user-friendly capabilities of the software, along with unique service and support benefits available through Makino Customer Service.


Novel micro milling technologies for rib cutting and micro hole drilling in tungsten carbide

Learn how to approach rib milling from a different perspective, as we share a machining technique that allows for single pass, full depth machining of deep, thin ribs. In addition, we would like to introduce new tooling technologies and machining techniques that permit direct mechanical drilling of tungsten carbide and various other ceramics, heat resistant glass, and other non-metallic, hard to machine brittle materials.


Sinker EDM techniques for High Speed, Low Electrode Wear and Fine Finish Machining

EDM’ers have always been challenged to produce fine surface finishes in shorter and shorter lead times combined with low electrode wear. In this webinar, Makino will discuss new performance technologies and methods to improve your die or mold applications and produce consistent, fine finishes over the entire feature detail including deep rib features. Different available orbit patterns and methods to achieve finer finishes will be examined.