Savvy Manufacturers understand the importance of tool life. Read how makino machines deliver dramatic improvements.

For people who make what matters, tool spend is critical to their cost per part. Standard production machining centers, however, typically lack the rigidity, vibration control and supporting technologies necessary to successfully manage the cutting conditions that lead to tool degradation. Which is why these leading manufacturers chose Makino to help increase productivity and reduce tool costs.

“We've seen noticeable differences
in tool life, fewer tool changes
and lower tooling costs.”

— Apex Precision Technologies

Learn how custom cutting tools from Apex rely on fast, flexible Makino machining centers to lower tooling costs.


Apex Precision Technologies of Camby, Ind., produces large parts for off-highway vehicle and automotive suppliers, specializing in differential housings, transfer cases and axles.

To meet the unique needs of customers, Apex designs and builds custom cutting tools and custom work holding. To realize the fast, flexible machining that enables Apex to get the most out of its uniquely crafted tooling, Apex relies on Makino.

“When you’re using tools up to 9.25 inches in diameter and 40-plus pounds, you need a strong, accurate, reliable machine,” says Dan Seacat, co-owner of Apex Precision Technologies. “Our investment in Makino a81 CNC horizontal milling machines met these flexibility needs. In addition to extended tool life, the machines provide an excellent chip- and coolant-removal system, rigid spindle design, superior axis travels, rapid tool changes and the torque required to handle our frequent cast iron machining operations.”

The result? “We’ve seen noticeable differences in tool life,” says Seacat. “It’s meant fewer tool changes and lower tooling costs. And when we do have to go to the ATC for a tool change, the Makino machines are superfast, about two seconds.”

Read on to see how Makino machines helped Apex by pusing the boundaries of tool design.

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“Our production's increased
around 25 percent. Tool life's been
extended anywhere from 17 to 23
percent. In all, tool costs have
decreased roughly 15 percent.”

— JWD Machine

Read how JWD embraced the challenge to be a leader in high-performance machining technology.

JWD Machine

For the past three decades, JWD Machine Inc. of Fife, Wash., has honed its skills in the production of complex parts and assemblies composed of composites and hard metals, such as titanium, high-nickel alloys and high-heat-treat steels.

“When machining hard metals, a purpose-built, hard-metal machining center is a must,” explains Jason Mohon, manufacturing director at JWD. This is why JWD invested in two Makino a81M horizontal machining centers. With its high-pressure (1,000 psi), high-volume (20 gal/min) through-spindle coolant technology, JWD is capable of meeting throughput demands without the rapid tool degradation witnessed by many standard machine platforms.

“On the a81M machines,” says Mohon, “we are able to apply feeds and speeds that would burn up tools and rattle most standard machine platforms. Heat and limited tool life have not been an issue for us, and if there’s anyone else who can attest to this, it’s our tooling vendor.”

See how JWD is reponding the emergence of super-alloys and other hard metals that challenge tool life.

See how JWD Machine has turned heads at some of the world's largest aerospace, defense and transportation manufacturers.

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“Even with investments in more
expensive, high-efficiency
tooling solutions, extended tool
life and reduced tool breakage
have decreased our overall tool
spend by 30 percent.”

— Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company

See how Makino horizontal machining centers helped Cincinnati Mine Machinery significantly reduce its tool expenditures.


Cincinnati Mine Machinery produces a variety of components for several of the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturers, with an emphasis on conveyor systems.

“The materials we work with are typically heat-treated steel forgings ranging between 40 and 50 Hrc,” says Tim Jent, production supervisor at Cincinnati Mine. “To machine these parts quickly, accurately and with repeatability, we needed CNC machines like the a71s that offer a strong, rigid design and powerful spindle performance.”

The programming, monitoring and probing support within the new machines have contributed to extended tool life and reduced tool breakage, decreasing overall tool spend by 30 percent. The bottom line? Cincinnati Mine’s investment in automated machining has actually decreased tooling expenditures.

Watch how Cincinnati Mine Machinery’s automated cell provides flexible production of conveyor chain assemblies.

Get the full story on how Makino helped Cincinnati Mine Machinery see a big return on its machining investment.

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