Export Compliance Policy

The United States government forbids Makino and all United States companies from granting access to technical product data in the form of courseware to citizens or permanent residents of embargoed countries. If you are registering on behalf of others, your responses to these questions must reflect your own answer and answers covering the citizenship or permanent residency of all those for whom you are registering.

"The list of restricted and embargoed countries changes from time to time.
Registrant understands he/she must confirm he/she is not a citizen nor
permanent resident of any country on the United States embargoed or
Denied and Restricted Parties List as it exists in fact."

Export Compliance Notice
Export Laws. Products, Services, and technical data delivered by Makino may be subject to U.S. export controls or the trade laws of other countries. Individual/Company will comply with all such laws and obtain all licenses to export, re-export, or import as may be required after delivery to Individual/Company. Individual/Company will not export or re-export to entities on the most current U.S. export exclusion lists or to any country subject to U.S. embargo or terrorist controls as specified in the U.S. export laws. Individual/Company will not use or provide Products, Services, or technical data for nuclear, missile, or chemical biological weaponry end uses. If you do not wish to comply with U.S. Export Laws, your online order cannot be completed.