Measure to Improve: Identifying Solutions Through Real-Time Production Monitoring
Adoption of production-monitoring software is growing as manufacturers search for new ways to optimize machine efficiency and maximize shop productivity. From large manufacturing plants to small job shops, these software technologies are enabling manufacturers to accomplish more with less. However, not all production-monitoring solutions include the same features and capabilities, making the selection process challenging for companies that have never deployed this level of technology.
This white paper provides a detailed overview of the capabilities available through some of today’s prominent production-monitoring software, including both common and advanced features. Determine whether or not real-time production monitoring is right for your business, and learn about the features that are most critical to the optimization of your manufacturing processes.
Given that production monitoring is still a new concept to many shops, it is important to know and understand the considerations that should be made prior to and during implementation. Advice on preparing shop-floor infrastructure and managing IT requirements is addressed in this paper.
Once a production-monitoring solution is in place, companies must be able to effectively interpret and analyze the data produced. This paper also offers direction on how to uncover potential bottlenecks within your manufacturing processes and shares information on how to adjust your processes for greater efficiency.
This white paper aims to help answer the following questions:
  • How do I determine which production-monitoring software is right for my shop?
  • What features and capabilities should I look for in production-monitoring software?
  • What preparations should I make before implementing a shop-floor-monitoring solution?
  • Who else within my company should be involved during the installation of production-monitoring software?
  • How should I introduce a shop-floor-monitoring solution to my machine operators?
  • How do I properly store and manage data gathered from production-monitoring software?
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