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Makino Aerospace

Discover how Makino machines, processes, and engineering solutions produce the most accurate parts in the industry—with less variability, and lowest possible cost.

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Case Study: Advanced Aluminum Machining Technology

With the combination of the MMC2 and MAG3 machines, we’re able to run large aluminum parts 24/7 with an overall equipment effectiveness [OEE] of 85 percent.”  - Triumph Structures.

Selecting the Appropriate EDM Technology for Hole‑Drilling

Changes in market demands are driving new requirements for hole features, which have in turn led to an evolution in EDM hole-drilling technologies. From general production applications to...

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Machining Titanium - Part 1: Using the Right Approach

The veil has been lifted! The properties of titanium, which are surrounded with intrigue and stories of machinist anguish, are revealed in this white paper. Learn about the unique characteristics of titanium in this white paper...

Case Study: PCX Aerostructures Feeds Growth with T1 5-Axis HMC

“PCX looks for a return on our investment in 24 to 36 months. With the programs we’re running on the T1 and how well they’re running, we’re certainly going to realize a payback on the short side of that period.”

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