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Voice-enabled Machine Interaction

Control Your Machine with Voice Interaction Software

The future of manufacturing depends on better interaction between operators and machines. Artificial intelligence industry 4.0 addresses the challenges of training new workers and attracting the next generation of machinists.

Makino, in collaboration with our digital technology partner iTSpeeX LLC, is the first machine tool OEM to introduce a voice enabled assistant for machine tool operation. ATHENA is the world’s first voice enabled, interoperable virtual assistant specifically designed for machine tool control and overall operation. With simple commands and little training, operators of all skill levels can interact with ATHENA to more efficiently operate a machine tool.

The Value of ATHENA Automation Technology

With simple commands and little training, operators of all skill levels can interact with ATHENA. Using ATHENA’s  voice interaction software, machine operators have access to setup, instructions and inspection diagrams—right at the machine. 

ATHENA assists the operator with a wide range of machine functions and skills such as:
• Control: Set-up and run the machine
• Report: Ask for important machine metrics
• Calculate: Manage critical data and tool life 
• Coach: Access manuals, specs, codes, informative videos
• Anticipate: Receive notification of cycle completion
• Repair: Send e-mail to maintenance

The Value of ATHENA Automation Technology

ATHENA Is Ideal for Many Companies

  • Job shops and die mold environments, where there’s a large amount of manual work between operator and machine, such as setting up and running Horizontal, Vertical and EDM machines.

  • Companies with rapid growth or workforce fluctuations can ease the onboarding of operators and setup personnel.

ATHENA Is Ideal for Many Companies

How ATHENA Voice Interaction Software Works

ATHENA is designed as an add-on option, and can be retrofit on any new or existing Makino machines with the Pro5, Pro6, and Hyper i control.

Installation is easy. ATHENA voice interaction software comes already installed on a portable computer, complete with headset and cabling. It can quickly be installed and, if needed, moved from machine to machine. The Makino service team can have you talking to ATHENA in just a few hours.

ATHENA is an overlay on your existing machine control allowing users to interchangeably talk to the machine or manually operate the controller. ATHENA is designed to operate without internet connection, a critical issue for ITAR-related companies. This feature adds a layer of security and avoids lag time between command and response.


How to Buy Athena Automation Technology

Athena automation technology is a subscription service with an initial software, hardware and installation cost. With an annual, cost-effective subscription, users gain a valuable assistant that gets smarter, faster and better with time.

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How to Buy Athena Automation Technology