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What equipment is MHmax available on today? 
The current release of MHmax covers the following machines / control / spindle combinations:
  • a51nx                    Pro6 Control                       14,000 RPM Spindle & 20,000 RPM Spindle
  • a51nx                    Pro5 Control                       14,000 RPM Spindle
  • a61nx                    Pro6 Control                       14,000 RPM Spindle & 20,000 RPM Spindle
  • a61nx                    Pro5 Control                       14,000 RPM Spindle
  • a500Z                    Pro6 Control                       14,000 RPM Spindle & 20,000 RPM Spindle
  • a71nx                    Pro6 Control                       10,000 RPM Spindle
  • a81nx                    Pro6 Control                       10,000 RPM Spindle

Makino will continue to expand the MHmax availability list moving forward – please check back to the FAQ list for updates, as we will promote machine and/or configuration additions there.

If some part of MHmax fails, will the machine it is installed on stop production? 
No – MHmax was designed in a way that if it shuts down for any reason, the machine it is installed on will remain in production.  For example, if a coolant flow sensor were to fail, it would not block or inhibit coolant flow in any way.  Instead, the machine stays in production and a warning message is generated / communicated indicating the MHmax system recovery process that would be required.
What warranty is applied to the MHmax option? 
The same warranty that is applied to the rest of the machining center also applies to any option purchased with that machine, including MHmax.

What level of connectivity is available on each control variant? 
If the machining center is equipped with a Pro6 control, all three levels of connectivity are available as the basic control architecture and display capability allow for on-machine graphical displays of the type output by MHmax.  If the machining center is equipped with a Pro5 control, levels 2 and 3 are available, but level 1 on-machine graphical displays are not compatible with that controls output capabilities.  However, each Pro5 machine equipped with MHmax is still is fitted with the same on-board computational capability for this option that is fitted to a Pro6 machine, and the systems monitored and analyzed are the same.

If a customer starts with one level of connectivity, can they change to another level later? 
Yes!  We anticipate that customers will expand their connectivity level over time, either because of additional machine purchases (with MHmax on them), or through a desire to engage Makino’s Customer Service in the notification process.  Therefore, to change connectivity, a call to 1-888-Makino4 will get that simple process started.

If a warning is generated on a Level 1 connectivity Pro6 control equipped machine, where the alert is only displayed on the machine’s control screen, is there any other indication for a machine operator to look at that screen? 
This is possible - the machining center’s stack light can be configured to turn yellow when a MHmax warning is generated. This will require a parameter setting in the Pro 6 to be changed so that the stack light will go yellow for ANY machine warning. The instructions how to make this setting change will be in the MHmax field installation documentation.
If machines with MHmax are in a MAS-A5 controlled cell, is a MHmax warning message displayed at the MAS-A5 terminal? 
Yes - since the machines are already setup to communicate with this entity.  Therefore, machine alarms and warnings are visible in MAS-A5.  The warnings that are generated on the Pro 6 control equipped machine by MHmax will be able to be seen in MAS. The machine will highlight yellow/red and the user can click on the machine to dig down into which alarms/warnings are currently happening.  Note that the user will not know which alarm/warning occurred without clicking on the machine image in MAS.

Subscription Model
What does a customer receive when they renew their MHmax subscription? 
First off, the subscribing customer gets continued use of the MHmax product beyond the first one-year subscription that is included with the initial purchase of the product.  Continuing subscribers will also receive regular product enhancement updates during the span of their continued contracted usage period(s). 

What if my company has many Makino machines fitted with MHmax? Do we get a price break for subscription renewals?
Customers with a large installation base of machines fitted with MHmax may qualify for an enterprise pricing discount, to be applied to subscription renewals.  Makino will coordinate with you to synchronize the renewal date for all machines whenever possible, to streamline to renewal process for your organization.