Robot Integration

Robot Integration

Reduced labor cost with the highest reliability.


Mass Production: High Volume Low Mix Solutions

Mass production involves manufacturing a few unique parts in large volume. Makino has dedicated decades to developing and improving mass production manufacturing processes. Our experience integrating pedestal, floor track, and overhead robotics with vision systems, conveyors and input/output material handling gives you a seamless, comprehensive design plan. Additional equipment such as part marking, leak testing, parts washer, and inspection can also be included. The assurance of a complete turnkey process with SPC runoff and full system "run at rate" provides you with the confidence to meet your customer requirements.
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Mixed Production: Low Volume Medium Mix Solutions

Makino provides a ready-to-use automation system with little to no special engineering required. This solution shuttles parts on a standard pallet interface between up to eight horizontal, vertical, sinker EDM, or Wire EDM machines. Die Mold and Medical applications benefit from the elimination of change-over and setup time with a fast quoting cycle and lower costs compared to custom systems.
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Robot Integration Quote Process

Makino studies your production requirements and gathers specific process information. An iterative approach is used to guide you through the various options and capabilities of industrial automation resulting in the best solution that is customized to your goals.
Things To Consider
Robot Integration Quote Process

Automation Essentials

Having a skilled team of experts covering all aspects of implementing industrial automation is essential for success. Makino's promise of performance means that we will be by your side every step of the way.  You can rest assured that you'll be supported by an experienced partner--one that has successfully implemented hundreds of automation systems across the country.