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Discover how Makino machines, processes, and engineering solutions produce the most accurate parts in the industry—with less variability, and at the lowest possible cost.

Makino Aerospace

Makino employs a market-focused approach which encompasses Aerospace and its components including aircraft structural parts, turbo machinery parts and related (by process and / or material) products.

Makino understands the unique needs of the Aerospace industry. Collaborating with our customers to ensure their goals are met is what drives us.  In addition to the machine tools, our team works along side you to develop the process, application, integration, and automation engineering solutions that allow large OEMs, tier-one / tier-two suppliers, and job shops like yours, to produce precision aerospace parts in the most productive manner. This approach to solving our customer's challenges is one of the top reasons why our Aerospace customers have partnered with Makino to solve their complex challenges, and produce quality parts and components for over fifty years.  

The Aerospace Market

The Aerospace Market
The latest generation of modern aircraft and engines are examples of the international manufacturing heritage that exists within the Aerospace industry today. Previously, both the commercial and defense related portions of the industry had enjoyed unprecedented sales and growth. However, manufacturers were forced to change their paradigms and address the fact that their competition is no longer just local, or even within their own country.  This shift to a global sourcing philosophy was accelerated by recent marketing conditions and now, manufacturers are finding their direct competition is halfway around the world as well.

In response to these market challenges it is likely that the global, geographic, production allocation models may change, but the overall global aerospace production capacity shortfalls, that existed in the past, will return once the recovery is complete.

Manufacturing practices of the past need to be reassessed in order for aerospace parts manufacturers to remain competitive. Modern technology machining platforms are now available to help to differentiate you from your competition.  Whether your needs are high horsepower / high rpm for your aluminum parts, high horsepower and high torque for hard metal parts, or mid-range horsepower and torque for “all around” work, Makino has a product platform / configuration to meet your needs and provide the “extra edge" you need to win new orders and grow your customer base.

The Makino Aerospace Group Advantage

Makino Aerospace engineering personnel are dedicated to supporting our Aerospace customers.  We utilize a vast number of technical resources drawn from Aerospace / Five Axis technology, Aero Engine technology and the Manufacturing Technology R&D organizations that effectively provides us with any means necessary to accomplish the task at hand. Makino application engineers are proficient with multiple CAD / CAM products including both Catia and Siemens NX. Makino machining centers and automation solutions provide the necessary technology to improve your manufacturing capabilities and “out run” your competition. As you step up to larger, more complex, multi- axis  machines, Makino engineers are available to provide the focused start up and application support needed to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Structural Aircraft Parts Manufacturing

With a broad range of sizes, flexibility, and adaptability, Makino machines are well suited for the manufacturing of aircraft structural parts.  Available machine platforms can incorporate three, four, five or six axes with work zones and strokes up to 20 meters—accommodating the largest sizes of structural parts. 

Spindle speeds and torques may be customized for machining specific materials—from high power, high speed in aluminum to high torque, high power—offering industry leading performance for machining aircraft structural parts.Additionally, nearly all Makino machines can be integrated into automated systems.


Aircraft Engine Manufacturing

With numerous Grinding, EDM, and Milling machine options, Makino is an ideal choice for manufacturing aircraft engine and other turbomachinery parts.

Grinding Machines
In addition to traditional milling machines, Makino offers flexible grinding centers that provide grinding capability on a multi-axis machining center platform. This allows traditional milling and drilling to be performed on the same machine. It also enables parts to be processed with a minimum number of setups, resulting in minimum tolerance stack ups and maximum accuracy.

EDM Machines (Sinker, Wire, Precision Drills)
Not only are Makino precision EDM drilling machines extremely user friendly, but their superior accuracy drastically improves cutting performance.  The precision capabilities of Makino EDM machines can easily create complex and precisely shaped cooling holes in turbine engine blades and vanes by interpolating the electrode path to provide more efficient cooling of the turbine components and, therefore, increased engine performance.

Milling Machines
Makino machine platforms can be customized in a wide variety of sizes and spindle characteristics. Three, four, five or six axes with work zones and strokes capable of handling most engine parts offers the ability to match the platform to the parts being machined based on sizes, feature geometries, and materials. High-performance motion control combined with high-performance axis characteristics creates very accurate, multi-axis motion while contouring, moving feature to feature or doing both. This ability is particularly beneficial for contouring part surfaces.  Spindle speeds and torques may be chosen and optimized for the specific materials involved. Nearly all Makino machines can be incorporated into automated systems.

Makino Aerospace Products

Makino Aerospace Products
Modern Makino machine and automation solutions provide a quantum leap of technology to improve your manufacturing capabilities. Makino’s advanced manufacturing know – how is available to help you reach your goals.  It’s why foresighted manufacturers have chosen Makino’s modern technologies and machine platforms in order to take control of their own destiny. 
The Makino Aerospace Group proudly offers a broad line of products:
  • Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers
    • Chip Cutting and Grinding
  • Wire EDM
  • Ram EDM
  • Fast Hole EDM
  • Automated Systems and Integration
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– Milling

– Milling
Forward-looking manufacturers have embraced Makino’s advanced modern machining technologies and platforms to improve their manufacturing capabilities.

Choosing Makino can help you unleash your full manufacturing potential throughout the following areas: 

Structural Parts Manufacturing
  • Aluminum
  • Hard Metals
Turbomachinery Parts Manufacturing
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • EDM
Related Part Manufacturing
  • Parts of similar materials and geometries
    • Electronics
    • Semi conductors
    • Others


Many aerospace parts require non-traditional machining processes due to geometry and/or material limitations.  Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is ideal for processing hardened materials and complex part details that are difficult, or impossible, to machine with other methods.

Types of EDM Machining:

Sinker EDM
The Sinker EDM process uses a shaped electrode in a submerged bath of dielectric fluid to machine conductive materials.

Wire EDM
The Wire EDM process uses a continuous wire electrode to machine conductive materials. The machine moves the wire through the workpiece cutting a narrow kerf through the part.

EDM Hole Drilling 
EDM fast hole drilling uses a rotating tube electrode with high pressure flushing to produce fast, accurate machining of small, deep holes in conductive materials. Holes can also be created with interior contours. EDM fast hold drilling is especially applicable for small diameter, high-precision, applications, as well as high-volume production machining of cooling film holes for turbine engine components.

– Automation

– Automation
One of the most common reactions to implementing automation in Aerospace is that, “The volumes are too low to justify it.” While production volumes in Aerospace are relatively low in relation to other higher-volume industries, automating Aerospace applications is appropriate and can provide multiple benefits such as:
Production Flexibility
Easily change from one part to another with little or no disruption in production.
Process Control Simplification
When properly managed, automation can reduce or eliminate the need for “first article inspections” while changing parts.
Unattended Operations
Maximize operations even during typical non-operational hours.
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