Horizontal Machining 4‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

High-speed, high production, single table horizontal machining center

Makino’s J-Series Horizontal Machining Centers are designed to be the core of high volume, flexible CNC based machining lines.  They feature the combination of a stacked axis design and single table configuration, while promoting highly efficient chip removal of transportation out of the machining area.  Featuring flexibility with respect to machine strokes and configurations, the J-Series HMC’s can be tailored during the pre-sales engineering phase of a program to precisely meet the needs of the program they are being integrated into, offering unmatched efficiencies related to floorspace and infrastructure requirements.

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Technical Specifications

The J4 is designed specifically around machining of medium size production workpieces, with a compact floor layout yet generous axes stroke options.  The machine structure optimizes rigidity, allowing for high metal removal rates even in ferrous machining applications using the standard spindle’s peak 250 N-m of torque. 

Please contact your Makino representative to learn more about this machine, which can be tailored to your specific high-volume machining system needs.

500 x 500 mm std. (400 x 400 mm opt.)
X: 550 mm std. (750 mm opt.) Y: 520 mm std. (470 mm opt.) Z: 550 mm

Spindle RPM

14000 (20000 Opt.)

Spindle Taper


Rapid Traverse

62,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

50,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

Up to Ø710 mm x 700 mm (consult factory for details)

Maximum Payload

500 kg.

ATC Capacity

30 (40 Opt.)

Maximum Tool Diameter

170 mm (265 mm Opt.)

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg. (13 kg. Opt.)

19.7" (15.7 opt.)
X: (29.5" opt.) Y: 20.5" (18.5" opt.) Z: 21.7"

Spindle RPM:

14000 (20000 Opt.)

Spindle Taper:


Rapid Traverse:

62,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate:

1,969 in/min

Maximum Workpiece:

Up to Ø27.9 in x 27.6 in (consult factory)

Maximum Payload:

1,100 lbs.

ATC Capacity:

30 (40 Opt.)

Maximum Tool Diameter:

6.69 in. (10.43 in. Opt.)

Maximum Tool Weight:

17.6 lbs. (28.6 lbs. Opt.)