Horizontal Machining 4‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

Heavy-duty HMC for heavy dies/molds and large parts
The MCD2016 is a heavy-duty HMC that provides high-speed, high-quality FF machining of heavy dies/molds and large parts.
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Technical Specifications

A highly rigid, long-nose spindle enhances machining performance to provide deep-end milling and heavy-duty cutting.  High-accuracy indexing table boosts machining efficiency for shorter delivery times. The table indexes at 0.0001-degree resolution and can support loads up to 8 tons.

The standard configuration includes absolute position detection in all axes and multiple spiral chip conveyors that efficiently remove large volumes of chips and coolant. The front door and ceiling of the completely enclosed splash guard open fully for easier setups of large workpieces. Well suited for FF machining and gun drilling.


1800 mm x 1300 mm
X: 2000 mm Y: 1600 mm Z: 1300 mm (1500 opt)

A Axis


B Axis


Spindle RPM

6,000 rpm (4K, 8K, 15K, 18K opt)

Rapid Traverse

16000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

16,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

2200 mm ᴓ X 1900 mm (with limitations)

Maximum Payload

8,000 kg (12,000 kg opt)

ATC Capacity

30 (60, 99, 120, 180, 280, 399 opt)

Tool to Tool

18 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter

300 mm (with limitations)

Maximum Tool Weight

30 kg

70.9" x 51.2"
X: 78.7" Y: 63.0" Z: 51.2" (59.1" opt)

A Axis:


B Axis:


C Axis:


Spindle RPM:

6,000 rpm (4K, 8K, 15K, 18K opt)

Rapid Traverse:

630 IPM

Cutting Feedrate:

630 in/min

Maximum Workpiece:

86.6" ᴓ x 74.8" (with limitations)

Maximum Payload:

17,600 lbs (26,400 lbs opt)

ATC Capacity:

30 (60, 99, 120, 180, 280, 399 opt)

Tool to Tool:

18 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter:

11.8" (with limitations)

Maximum Tool Weight:

66.1 lbs