Single Source Technologies Mid-Atlantic

SST Mid-Atlantic is here to serve you. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact one of our representatives and, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Sales Manager in your area

Gerry Zolynski

Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (908) 265-7301

Machine Tool, Automation, and Integration Solutions Representatives

Jason Chomenko
Sales Engineer - Milling & EDM
Serving Area: NJ and NY
mail: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (908) 265-7307

Kevin Most
Sales Engineer - EDM
Serving Area: Eastern PA, MD and DE
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (215)840-9835

John Kugelman
Sales Engineer - Milling
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (484) 602-6813

Tooling & Consumables Representatives

David Lovejoy
Sales Engineer - Consumables
Serving Area: NJ, NY and DE
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (973)665-4648

Kevin Most
Sales Engineer - EDM Consumables
Serving Area: Eastern PA and MD
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (215)840-9835
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