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Visit us at our chalet for a private discussion and preview of our new aerospace machining technology.

Makino at the Farnborough Air Show 2016

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You are cordially invited to meet with Makino Senior Executives at the 2018 Farnborough Air Show to discuss how Makino’s latest machine tool innovations drive bottom line results. Our aerospace machining technologies will forever change the business of titanium, aluminum and nickel alloy machining and processing. Come find out how our advances will improve your business.

Designed specifically for the aerospace industry, Makino’s new machining centers and process technologies provide dramatic advancements in cost cutting, productivity and throughput, helping you get today’s sophisticated and complex aircraft in the sky faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Makino is a world leader in aerospace machining. Our MAG 5-axis horizontal machining centers have set the standard for precision machining of large, monolithic aluminum parts. Following in those footsteps, Makino’s new ADVANTiGE technology is revolutionary Titanium machining with four times the productivity and up to nine times tool life of conventional machining technologies. Our Grinding and EDM technologies will improve your quality and throughput to turbine blade and vane production.

Our Senior Executives are looking forward to the Farnborough Air Show and the opportunity to discuss how the latest Makino aerospace machining technologies will give you an edge. We look forward to meeting you at Makino’s Chalet, C3.

Makino -
As a world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, Makino is committed to providing high-performance, leading-edge machining technologies and innovative, engineered process solutions that enable manufacturers to focus on making what matters.

Grinding Video - G7 Grinding Video - G5

Makino is grinding down the cost of aerospace production.

Visit us to learn about Makino’s G-Series multi-functional five-axis horizontal machines, capable of grinding, drilling, boring and milling all in one platform.

Having so many capabilities cuts down on your capital expenditures, but that is only the beginning of your savings with the G-Series. You can streamline your operations, saving production time and increasing productivity by eliminating multiple part transfers. On top of these advantages, you save time—and money—by reducing fixture costs and eliminating setups and the stack-up errors that almost inevitably occur in multiple setups.

Better, faster, more cost effective. Makino provides grinding technologies that deliver for your business. As a top executive of an aerospace company, we realize you work hard to streamline your operation while eliminating costs and production delays. With the Makino G-Series, we think you’ll quickly see that it’s not the same old grind. Additional improvements in productivity can be accomplished through Makino's Automation and Systems Integration Services

Let our Executive Team talk to you about how Makino can optimize your business with our grinding technologies. Please take time to visit us at Makino’s Chalet, C3, at the FarnboroughAir Show. Click here to make a reservation.

Titanium Video- T4 Titanium Video - T2 Titanium Video - T1

Makino provides your business with the ADVANTiGE™ in titanium machining.

At Makino's Global Titanium R&D Center we’re continuously developing new process technologies for titanium milling, including our new ADVANTiGE technology.

Makino’s ADVANTiGE technologies overcome the traditional challenges of low metal removal rates and limited tool life associated with titanium machining. By improving spindle performance, coolant delivery, vibration damping, machine rigidity and cutting strategies, ADVANTiGE technologies deliver what you need for higher Titanium productivity and longer tool life and lower cost.

These technologies have been integrated into Makino’s T-series 5-axis horizontal machining centers, built specifically for large titanium aerospace parts. Our Senior Executive team is ready to show you how your company can have the ADVANTiGE.

Learn about the new T1 Makino’s latest innovation in our T series line-up. Today’s aerospace market requires flexibility and the ability to efficiently machine a wide variety of parts and materials. The T1’s unique kinematic structure and 12,000 rpm spindle deliver the strength and power to cut titanium effectively but also the speed to cut aluminum. It delivers the productivity and flexibility you need for any shape part and any material, in a single machine. Visit the Makino Chalet, C3, to learn more and make your appointment today. Click here to make your reservation.

Aluminum Video Aluminum Video - a61nx-5E

Let us show you how to make aluminum really fly.

Makino has become the leader in the machining of structural parts primarily because of our industry-leading aluminum-cutting technologies. At the Farnborough Air Show, we will discuss how you can put today’s most advanced and productive machining centers, specifically designed for the creation of large, complex, monolithic aluminum parts, to work for your business.

Makino’s new A-Series is based off the widely successful design of our MAG-series 5-axis aluminum machining centers with cutting-edge technological innovations that deliver fundamental business benefits. The new A-Series is built to accommodate modern aerospace structural parts, increase machining accuracy and reducing cycle times for reduced costs and higher productivity up to meters in x-axis.

Faster productivity. Reduced costs. Improved accuracy. On-time deliveries. The new A-Series is the new industry standard. Come talk to the Makino Senior Executive team and Engineering team about what our aluminum machining solutions can do for your bottom line.

Please take time to visit us at Makino’s Chalet, C3, at the Farnborough Air Show. Click here to make a reservation.

EDM Video

Aerospace Blade and Vane Machining Improves with Makino’s EDBV Series Fast-Hole Drill EDM

For discharge machining of cooling holes and diffuser shapes in blade and vane segments, Makino announces the new EDBV Series Fast Hole Drill EDM. The EDBV Series provides aerospace manufacturers with the speed, flexibility and reliability to effectively produce a wide range of hole shapes and sizes within a single setup, significantly reducing required tool variety and overall cycle times.

The EDBV Series fulfills the need for EDM drilling with advanced capabilities in blade and vane components by building on Makino’s proven EDM platforms with onboard filtration and resin systems and a user-friendly control system featuring preprogrammed hole profiles. Its 2-axis rotary table combined with automatic tool and guide change systems enable manufacturers to reliably machine complex features fully unattended, saving time and money, without risk to loss of part quality or accuracy.

All EDM drilling on the EDBV Series is performed fully submerged under water for higher part quality, improved stability and up to 10 times faster processing speeds than conventional technologies. To further improve productivity, the EDBV Series uses a single-electrode processing approach, which avoids the high cost of custom multi-electrode holders and standardizes the tool holders with a more flexible and cost-efficient system.

Come visit us at Makino’s Chalet, C3, at the Farnborough Air Show and learn more about how our EDM Technology can impact your business. Click here to make a reservation.