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DA300 Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center

The DA300 5-axis vertical machining center combines a rigid structure and high dynamic motion control to significantly reduce part cycle times while maintaining very accurate performance. Equipped with an integral, DD motor designed for the A-axis and C-axis, the machine provides five-side access for single-setup production of complex production parts.

At 20,000 rpm, 29.5 hp, HSK-A63, the machine spindle delivers the capability to tackle rigorous milling, drilling and tapping tasks associated with a wide variety of production parts. A standard 60-tool magazine ensures an extensive selection of tooling to address any part configuration.

To further minimize non-cut times, the DA300 is standardly equipped with a vision-type broken-tool sensor (Vision BTS) outside of the machine's work zone to ensure tooling integrity but not impact part cycle times.

The DA300 integral table rectangular table (340 mm by 300 mm) is prepared with pneumatic ports design to readily integrate into a pallet system providing for quick, efficient part exchange and maximizing machine utilization.

Makino also offers two workpiece pallet systems (WPS) that can be field-added to the DA300 machine. They can be configured in a seven-pallet arrangement, which is field expandable, or a 19-pallet configuration. The WPS provides off-the-shelf automation for a very productive 5-axis machine.

The Makino Professional 6 control takes you from parts to profits with elegant functionality by making the point where human meets machine a seamless transition. Streamlined screen layouts, operator assistance, new machine functions and safety enhancements accelerate and protect your productivity. For even greater productivity, Super Geometric Intelligence 5 (SGI.5) ensures optimum performance during execution of the toolpath, producing the shortest cycle times.