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EDAF3 Ram EDM Machine
Ram EDM Machine

For manufacturers facing long hours of unattended burning, Makino's EDAF3 Ram EDM machine has ArcFree technology for a worry-free process with high accuracy results. Its user-friendly Hyper-i control helps to boost productivity of all operator skill levels through an array of intelligent functions; and faster servo response speeds provide further reduction of cycle time in multi-axis machining applications.

At IMTS 2016, the EDAF3 will be configured with the fine-hole, high-accuracy EDM drilling option to demonstrate an automated production EDM drilling application that uses an integrated Hirschmann rotary table and Fanuc robot. The machine demonstration will be further enhanced to show closed-loop manufacturing supported by an Alicona measuring system to create an on-machine feedback loop to ensure final part accuracy in a single setup. The machine is designed to cut, measure, make adjustments to the program and cut again autonomously, resulting in higher accuracy parts while reducing workpiece setup time and final workpiece inspection.