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EDBV8 EDM Machine
EDM Machine

As the aerospace and power-generation industries grow, so does demand to create large-part details. The EDBV8 (electrical discharge blade and vane) machine is a production-based EDM drilling platform that has been purpose-built for larger machine travels and greater workpiece payloads. It can accommodate fast-hole drilling in the production of cooling, and shaped diffuser holes for gas turbine engines. A unique tooling system that integrates automatic tool change and guide changing in one assembly adds to the machine's efficiency.

At IMTS 2016, this machine is set up to demonstrate the production of a new turbine engine component. Also debuting is the EDBV8's new, intuitive Hyper-i control technology, which revolutionizes the interface between the machine and operator with graphical touch-screen operation that features advanced intelligent and intuitive functions to help boost productivity.