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EDNC6 Ram EDM Machine
Ram EDM Machine

When you need to achieve the speed and precision typically associated with smaller machine platforms, but in a larger stroke machine, look no further than the EDNC6 Ram EDM machine. The high-speed, core-cooled Z-axis and HyperCut technologies guarantee the fastest possible cycle time with low electrode wear while achieving high accuracy and excellent surface quality. The machine's intuitive Hyper-i control technology revolutionizes the interface between the machine and operator with graphical touch-screen operation that feature advanced intelligent and intuitive functions to help boost productivity.

The EDNC6 permits excellent access to the work zone with its three-sided rise-and-fall work tank and stationary worktable design, which leads to faster workpiece setups and more flexible process monitoring. In addition, the dielectric reservoir has been incorporated into the base casting to improve thermal stability and minimize floor-space requirements.

At IMTS, the EDNC6 will be integrated into an EROWA robot cell with a graphite machining center to demonstrate higher levels of machine utilization and maximization of unattended operation for die/mold applications.