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Hyper-i EDM Control Simulator
EDM Control Simulator

To showcase the new streamlined and universal Hyper-i control system for wire and sinker EDM, Makino has a freestanding simulator unit designed for greater user interaction. Improving machine productivity and efficiency is critical in today's manufacturing environment, and such expectations can be challenging considering the different operator skill levels and machine controls that exist on today's EDM equipment. The Hyper-i control revolutionizes the interface between the operator and the machine with its identical streamlined interface to both wire and sinker EDM operations to achieve new levels of capability, efficiency and user-friendliness. Using the most current interface technologies on smartphones and tablets, Makino's graphical Hyper-i control has pinch, swipe and spread functions that give the operator a simple, efficient and natural feel. The user-friendliness is further enhanced with the integration of on-board digital manuals, intelligent E-Tech Doctor help functions, and e-learning training system, which serve to empower the operator with practical support tools to boost machine productivity.