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Next-Generation 5-Axis Die/Mold Vertical Machining Center
Next-Generation 5-Axis Die/Mold
Vertical Machining Center

Makino plans to introduce its next-generation 5-axis die/mold vertical machining center. The machine combines a rigid structure and high dynamic motion control to significantly reduce part cycle times while maintaining very accurate performance. Equipped with an integral, DD motor designed for the B-axis and C-axis, the machine is made to significantly reduce the machining time for complex, contoured, 3-D, die/mold, medical and aerospace parts.

Equipped with a 30,000-rpm, 20-hp, HSK-E50 spindle, the new 5-axis machine is ideally suited for high-speed, hard-milling applications. An optional graphite package extends its operation to graphite electrodes and composite materials.

The machine is designed from the ground up for expandability. The standard 20-tool magazine can be field-expanded to capacities ranging from 100 to 300 tools. The integral table (300-mm diameter) is prepared with pneumatic ports design to readily integrate into a pallet system, leading to quick, efficient part exchange, maximizing machine utilization and offering an abundance of machine automation options.

Three-point leveling, a very small footprint and a front-side access approach for both part and tool loading minimize the floor-space requirements for this next-generation 5-axis vertical machining center.

The Makino Professional 6 control takes you from parts to profits with elegant functionality by making the point where human meets machine a seamless transition. Streamlined screen layouts, operator assistance, new machine functions and safety enhancements accelerate and protect your productivity. For even greater productivity in complex, contoured, 3-D, die/mold, medical and aerospace parts, Makino’s patented Super Geometric Intelligence 5 (SGI.5) ensures optimum performance during execution of the complicated tool path, producing the shortest cycle times.