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U6 Wire EDM Machine
Wire EDM Machine

Makino’s U6 H.E.A.T. (High-Energy Applied Technology) and Hypercut technologies combine for an ideal mix of speed, accuracy and surface-finish capability with large travels to tackle the most demanding wire EDM applications with new levels of user friendliness, efficiency and low wire consumption. The machine’s Hyper-i control system offers intuitive, interactive and intelligent functions that boost productivity and reduce operator workload, and will be configured with dual display screens and on-board WIZ CAD/CAM system to streamline programming.

The machine demonstration will feature processing of die/mold details, and will access multiple sides of a workpiece using an integrated Hirschmann rotary table. Designed for overall ease of operation, versatility and low operating cost, the U6 wire EDM machine is the true next-generation solution for optimum performance and improved profitability. The H.E.A.T. configuration dramatically increases cutting speed, especially in parts with poor or difficult flushing conditions, all while maintaining part straightness and accuracy. The addition of Makino’s new HyperCut three-pass machining technology enables the U6 to produce a 3 µmRz (16µinRa) surface finish with a 20 percent reduction in cycle time compared to previous technologies.