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V33i-5XB Graphite Vertical Machining Center
Graphite Vertical Machining Center

For applications requiring long hours of continuous hard milling with reduced part setups, the V33i-5XB vertical machining center provides extreme accuracy, especially in contoured shapes. The machine features a specially designed tilt-trunnion table delivering full 5-axis simultaneous milling for intricate 3-D shapes. With the highest accuracies and repeatability available in the industry and less lost motion and higher stiffness and rigidity than comparative 5-axis machines, the V33i-5XB has one-setup access to complex, multiple-sided parts, reducing handling and costs. The added 5-axis features offer increased accessibility to undercut areas, oddly positioned features and complex geometries, with shorter tool lengths and higher spindle speeds. This design ensures the best tool life and surface-finish characteristics.