Firsthand Lessons for Shops Considering Automation but Don’t Know Where to Start
Presenting company: SEW-EURODRIVE

Automation is a game-changing technology that can help unleash a new level of competitiveness for North American manufacturers, but it does not come without its unique challenges. In this presentation, Chuck Chandler, plant manager at SEW-EURODRIVE (Lyman, S.C.), shares how and why his company began exploring automation more than a decade ago. Gain valuable lessons from SEW’s firsthand experiences as Chandler discusses the critical importance of supplier relationships, engineering support and reliable machine tools.

Time Is Money in Aluminum Die-Cast Machining, and Your General-Purpose Machine Isn’t Cutting It
Presenting company: Tennessee Tool & Engineering

Most have heard the proverb “time is money,” but when it comes to machining high-pressure aluminum die-cast parts, many manufacturers continue to waste valuable time by using commodity, general-purpose machining centers. Tennessee Tool & Engineering (Oak Ridge, Tenn.) put a stop to this trend with a purpose-built machining solution that took time out of the equation. Join Pete Raulin and Rocky Emert of Tennessee Tool as they discuss the importance of working with a machine supplier that understands the aluminum die-cast market and the aggressive demands for continuous per-piece cost reduction. Uncover how they slashed cycle times by more than 20 percent, expanded capacity and drove down labor costs...

The DNA of Successful Blade and Vane EDM Hole Drilling
Presenting company: Turbine Technologies

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What’s in the anatomy of a successful aerospace manufacturer? How does one become an expert in the installation of cooling holes for blade and vane components? Tyler Burke, president of Turbine Technologies (Farmington, Conn.), shares his story, and the journey that led to several critical investments in new EDM hole-drilling machines. Hear how Burke’s past military experience provided valuable lessons in weighing investment decisions, and the process used to identify a machine platform purpose-built to match Turbine Technologies’ core competencies in the development of blade and vane components.

Identifying and Understanding the Hidden Influencers of Total Product Cost
Presenting company: Dynamic NC

Many factors influence the ability to win aerospace contracts, but none more important than cost. In this presentation, Jim Gibbs, president of Dynamic NC (Rose Hill, Kan.), breaks down the cost of manufacturing with a detailed review of all elements that influence per-piece cost. Learn how to improve cost-control methods through detailed analysis of procedures, processes and in-depth analysis of machine-tool technologies. Gain better control of costs and discover a more accurate model for calculating the return on investment.

Discovering the True Value of a High-Performance Machining Center
Presenting company: Valley Tool

For many small manufacturing companies, investments in capital equipment begin with a critical evaluation of cost. But does cost truly determine the value of a machine? Cayce Washington of Valley Tool (Water Valley, Miss.) would disagree. Hear firsthand how Washington and his team changed their approach to investing in new capital equipment by discovering and redefining the value of a machining center. Find out how Valley Tool’s investments in high-performance machining centers not only fulfilled customer demand for increased capacity, but dramatically improved the company’s overall quality, consistency, reliability, flexibility, delivery and profitability.

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