Horizontal Machining 4‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

Purpose-Built for Aluminum Die Cast Parts Machining

400mm horizontal machining centers are common solutions for high-volume small-parts production.  These machines are designed to address a broad variety of part types and materials. Unfortunately, the same high-power spindle that is a necessity for heavy-cutting ferrous applications translates to sluggish performance and wasted costs when machining near net shape aluminum die cast parts. Die cast applications are unique. Your parts and your industry have very specific manufacturing challenges. Why use a generic, general-purpose machine tool for the production of your die cast components? Well, until recently, there really were not many alternatives.

Introducing the Makino a40, a first-of-its-kind horizontal machining center purpose-designed and built to address the challenges of non-ferrous die cast parts production.

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Technical Specifications

Makino understands that one of the largest drivers of per-piece costs is the cycle time. Cycle time drives the number of machines required, but it also has far-reaching cost implications affecting labor, floor space, utilities and durable tooling. The a40 features Makino’s intelligent ROI design, a collection of innovative technologies designed to slash unproductive non-cut times from your part process.

  • Responsive #40 spindle accelerates to 12,000 rpm in 0.5 seconds.
  • Quickly complete common tapping operations with the 6,000 RPM Rigid tapping synchronization speed.
  • Minimize feature-to-feature positioning time with a linear axis that reaches full rapid traverse rates 18 percent faster than typical competitors.
  • Inertia active control (IAC) evaluates fixture and tool weights to optimize acceleration performance of multiple machine systems.

Unplanned downtime is devastating in high-volume die-cast production machining. Reliability of your machining system is a paramount consideration. The a40 uses several of the robust, proven systems from Makino’s 1-Series horizontal machining centers. Systems like single-piece X- and Z-axis covers, center trough chip/coolant management and dual-supported ATC mechanisms have solidified Makino as the industry leader in reliability. The a40 leverages these proven technologies, but then advances reliability with new systems ensuring reliable operation.

  • Standard vision-type broken-tool detection supports unattended operation by quickly validating the condition of the cutting tools after each tool change.
  • Dedicated tool taper cleaning nozzles wash the tool taper with 20μ filtered coolant with each tool change, ensuring contamination-free tool clamping.
  • Three-stage coolant filtration with 20μ hydro-cyclone eliminates coolant tank sludge common with non-ferrous part machining, extending time between coolant system preventive maintenance or cleaning.


Don’t settle for a machine designed for general-purpose use. Contact Makino to see how a purpose-built machine delivers a competitive advantage in per-piece costs. The new a40 is your machine for your industry.


  Spindle acceleration 0 - 12,000 rpm 0.5 sec
  Rigid tapping sync speed 6,000 rpm

400 x 400 mm
X: 560 mm Y: 640 mm Z: 640 mm

B Axis

360° Indexing increment (0.001°)

Spindle RPM


Spindle Taper

CAT40 (HSK-A63 opt)

Rapid Traverse

60,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

60,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

ø630 mm x 900 mm

Maximum Payload

400 kg

ATC Capacity


Tool to Tool

0.9 secs

Chip to Chip

2.2 secs

Maximum Tool Length (Cat)

360 mm

Maximum Tool Length HSK

360 mm

Maximum Tool Diameter

170 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg

15.75" x 15.75"
X: 22.0" Y: 25.2" Z: 25.2"

B Axis:

360° Indexing increment (0.001°)

Spindle RPM:


Spindle Taper:

CAT40 (HSK-A63 opt)

Rapid Traverse:

2,362 ipm

Cutting Feedrate:

2,362 ipm

Maximum Workpiece:

ø24.8" x 35.4"

Maximum Payload:

880 lbs

ATC Capacity:


Tool to Tool:

0.9 secs

Chip to Chip:

2.2 secs

Maximum Tool Length (Cat):


Maximum Tool Length HSK:


Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

17.6 lbs

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