Horizontal Machining 4-Axis


Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

a82M HMC for Titanium Milling

The a82M horizontal machining center is designed for milling tough, hard materials. It is ideally suited for large-diameter boring and face milling on materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloys, ductile iron, cast iron and CGI. The unique, high-torque and high-thrust performance provides unparalleled productivity and reliability for titanium milling.

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Technical Specifications

The integral drive, high-torque spindle (740 ft-lbs) offers multiple advantages over the traditional gear-head design. Elimination of gears and shafts allows for more efficient transfer of horsepower and torque to the cutting tool. The low-inertia spindle slashes cycle times thanks to fast spindle acceleration for drill and tap operations. The end result is a high-speed, high-efficiency titanium milling solution.

Pallet: 630 mm x 630 mm (option 630 mm x 800 mm) x X: 1,100 mm Y: 820 mm Z: 1,020 mm

Spindle RPM


Spindle Taper

CAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)

Rapid Traverse

36,000 mm/min (X,Z), 30,000 mm/min (Y)

Cutting Feedrate

36,000 mm/min (X,Z), 30,000 mm/min (Y)

Maximum Workpiece

ø1,060 x 1390 mm

Maximum Payload

1,200 kg (option 1,500 kg)

ATC Capacity

40 (60, 97, 137, 186, 242, 300)

Tool to Tool

1.8 secs

Chip to Chip

6.2 secs

Maximum Tool Length (Cat)

600 mm

Maximum Tool Length HSK

690 mm

Maximum Tool Diameter

300 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

20 kg (40/60 ATC), 30 kg (137 ATC and above)

Pallet: 24.8" x 24.8" (option 24.8" x 31.5") x X: 1,100 mm Y: 820 mm Z: 1,020 mm

Spindle RPM:


Spindle Taper:

CAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)

Rapid Traverse:

1,417 ipm (X,Z), 1,181 ipm (Y)

Cutting Feedrate:

1,417 ipm (X,Z), 1,181 ipm (Y)

Maximum Workpiece:

ø41.7" x 54.7"

Maximum Payload:

2,640 lbs (option 3,300 lbs)

ATC Capacity:

40 (60, 97, 137, 186, 242, 300)

Optional ATC Capacity:


Tool to Tool:

1.8 secs

Chip to Chip:

6.2 secs

Maximum Tool Length (Cat):


Maximum Tool Length HSK:


Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

44 lbs (40/60 ATC), 66 lbs (137 ATC and above)