Horizontal Machining 4‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

MCC2013 Horizontal Machine HMC for Die Mold Machining

The MCC2013 HMC is the complete package for high-efficiency die mold machining with features that enable multi-face machining in a single setup.

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Technical Specifications

These features include a high-speed 15,000 min-1 spindle, 16m/min cutting feedrate, high-speed, high-accuracy GI.3 control and a thermal stability system. The MCC also features a semi-floating slideway system to provide a cutting feedrate of 16 m/min, even with heavy workpieces on the table. The adoption of 0.1µm GI.5 control substantially improves machining accuracy and machined surface quality.

Pallet: 2200 x 1000 mm
X: 2000 mm Y: 1350 mm Z: 1000 mm

Spindle RPM

15,000 (8K)

Spindle Taper

CAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)

Rapid Traverse

16000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

630 in/min

Maximum Workpiece

2500 x 1100 x 1700 mm

Maximum Payload

10,000 kg

ATC Capacity

30 (60, 90, 120, 180, 280)

Maximum Tool Diameter


Maximum Tool Weight

44 lbs

Pallet: 86.6" x 39.4"
X: 78.7" Y: 53.1" Z: 39.4"

Spindle RPM:

15,000 (8K)

Spindle Taper:

CAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)

Rapid Traverse:

630 ipm

Cutting Feedrate:

630 in/min

Maximum Workpiece:

98.4" x 43.3" x 66.9"

Maximum Payload:

22,046 lbs

ATC Capacity:

30 (60, 90, 120, 180, 280)

Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

44 lbs