Horizontal Machining 5‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 5-Axis

Aerospace Part Production on the MAG1

MAG1 - Ideally suited for high-productivity machining of aluminum monolithic aerospace parts under 1.5M.

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Technical Specifications

The MAG1 integrates speed and power of the spindle with a machine platform that provides rapid precision-contouring capability while maximizing the percentage of in the cut spindle time.  Five face accessibility to the work piece minimizes setups and process variation.

Industry-leading 33,000 rpm – 120kW spindle design, ensures high metal-removal rates. The MAG1 can also be integrated with an automatic pallet transfer and storage system in Makino’s highly flexible MMC system that enables extended periods of unattended operation.

Pallet: 800 x 1000 mm
X: 1,520 mm Y: 1,100 mm Z: 1,350 mm

A Axis

210° (-110°to +100°)

B Axis


C Axis


Spindle RPM

33,000 rpm - 161 HP

Rapid Traverse

50,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

50,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

ø1,500 x 1,500 mm

Maximum Payload

1,300 kg

ATC Capacity

120 (option 241)

Tool to Tool

17 sec

Chip to Chip

20 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter

90 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg

Optional ATC Capacity:


Pallet: 31.5" x 39.4"
X: 59.8" Y: 43.3" Z: 53.1"

A Axis:

210° (-110°to +100°)

B Axis:


C Axis:


Spindle RPM:

33,000 rpm - 120 kW

Rapid Traverse:

1,968 ipm

Cutting Feedrate:

1,968 ipm

Maximum Workpiece:

ø59" x 59"

Maximum Payload:

2,866 lbs

ATC Capacity:

120 (option 241)

Tool to Tool:

17 sec

Chip to Chip:

20 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

17.6 lbs

Makino.OptionalATCCapacity :