Vertical 5‑Axis


Vertical 5-Axis

The V56i – 5XB vertical machining center is designed for die / mold applications.

It incorporates a specially designed tilt-trunion table with combined B- and C- axes to provide die / mold shops with a full 5-axis simultaneous milling solution for complex, 3-D contoured parts.

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Technical Specifications

The tilt-rotary table provides the highest accuracies and repeatabilities in the industry with less lost motion and higher stiffness and rigidity than comparable 5-axis machines. The V56i–5XB provides one-setup access to complex, multi-sided parts, reducing handling and costs.

It also facilitates accessibility to undercut areas, oddly positioned features and geometries - all with optimum, shorter tool lengths. This creates the best tool life and surface finish characteristics in the marketplace. The machine can also be used in the more traditional “2+3” mode for blending and matching complicated multi-place surfaces typical of die/mold production.

Table: 200 mm diameter
X: 900 mm Y: 460 mm Z: 450 mm

B Axis

130° (-20° to +110°)

C Axis


Spindle RPM

20,000 - CAT40 (HSK - A63 opt), 30,000 - HSK-F63 opt

Rapid Traverse

20,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

20,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

250 mm diameter x 310 mm height (conditional)

Maximum Payload

30 kg

ATC Capacity

25 (40, 60 opt)

Tool to Tool

6.5 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter

80 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg

Optional ATC Capacity:


Table: 7.87" diameter
X: 35.4" Y: 18.1" Z: 17.7"

B Axis:

130° (-20° to +110°)

C Axis:


Spindle RPM:

20,000 - CAT40 (HSK-A63 opt), 30,000 - HSK-F63 opt

Rapid Traverse:

787 in/min

Cutting Feedrate:

787 in/min

Maximum Workpiece:

9.8" diameter x 12.2" height (conditional)

Maximum Payload:

66 lbs

ATC Capacity:

25 (40, 60 opt)

Tool to Tool:

6.5 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

17.6 lbs

Makino.OptionalATCCapacity :