Produce straighter, more accurate parts without increased wire consumption.

BellyWIZARD™ is an exclusive Makino wire EDM technology that automatically selects the optimum machining parameters for those applications that, top to bottom, require exceptionally straight parts. BellyWIZARD meets today’s manufacturing demands for lower costs, reduced lead-times and tighter tolerance by providing up to 40 percent improvement in part straightness with fewer passes than conventional wire EDM technology.


Additional Information:

Reduce Belly/Bow
One of the most difficult challenges faced by wire EDM operators is the machining of vertically straight workpieces to very close tolerances. Inaccuracies are usually at their worst in the center of the vertical span of a workpiece. These inaccuracies are typically defined as a “belly” or “bow” in the workpiece. Such an error occurs 90 percent of the time during the initial rough-cut operation.

The advantage of using BellyWIZARD wire EDM technology is that it reduces the belly or bow in workpieces during these roughing operations. By reducing the belly or bow in the rough cut, thus cutting closer to the final net shape, this technology reduces or eliminates the need for additional skim-pass machining.

When skim-pass machining is necessary to achieve finer surface finishes, BellyWIZARD helps to reduce the total cycle time and consumable costs by reducing the amount of error (belly/bow) and remaining material on the final part, thus leading to faster skimming times.


Improved Compensation
BellyWIZARD technology is built into the E-code, so that parameters change automatically with workpiece height. The technology compensates for changes in the wire caused by eroded wear and wire lag. This compensation is done by automatically machining on a slight taper in the rough cut and through adaptive servo movements. The result is that BellyWIZARD produces straighter and more accurate parts without increased wire consumption. The improvement in part straightness can be as much as 40 percent over conventional wire EDM technology. This reduction in both total cycle time and production costs makes your shop more profitable.