Makino Expands Equipment Finance Opportunities


To stay competitive and lower manufacturing costs, metalworking companies must take advantage of the most advanced machine tool manufacturing technology. This requires investing hard earned cash. Now, by working with Makino Inc., a full range of financing options can be structured to meet any capital and cash flow requirements.  Companies can review flexible, affordable financing options on the widest range of high-quality machines to help achieve business objectives.

"Because we offer the world’s most respected machine tools, customers get equipment with stronger resale value," says Christopher Lyle, customer finance manager at Makino. "The combination of our financial strength and established reputation for unrivaled customer support means lower payments, stronger cash flow and a more valuable machine at the end of the term."

Wide Variety of Financial Products
The goal is to provide all potential buyers—whether a small manufacturer or a Fortune 500 company, regardless of geographic location—with a broader means to acquire capital equipment for their businesses, making them more competitive. Makino will design transaction terms, types and structures to match the customer’s tax and accounting objectives. This can be done through a range of financing options, including:

- Capital Lease/Lease Purchase
- Loans
- Tax Leases
- Rental Programs
- Fixed and Floating Rates
- Flexible Payment Structures
- Cross-Border Financing

With diverse financing options, the buyer is able to conserve needed capital and preserve existing credit lines, improve cash flow, pay for equipment as used and manage capital expenditure restrictions. The combination of Makino’s financial strength and established reputation for unrivaled customer and field service means customers will have lower payments and a more valuable machine at the end of the term.

"The entire Makino team is dedicated to processing customer applications in the shortest possible time, while documenting and funding transactions in accordance with customer instructions," said Lyle. "Our staff possesses the knowledge and authority to assess a customer’s situation and design a financing structure accordingly."

Application is possible online by visiting, with approval provided oftentimes within hours. Additional details on Makino equipment financing may be obtained by contacting a Makino sales representative, or by requesting information from Christopher Lyle at 513.573.7461.