Makino's EDNC85 Ram EDM Can Handle Larger Work Pieces Quickly and Accurately



MASON, OH—September, 2000—Makino’s newest EDNC Series RAM EDM machine—the EDNC85—brings rugged construction, simple programming and advanced design and performance features. This new size handles large work pieces accurately.


The EDNC85 has a rib head attachment that allows the machine’s z axis to cut small ribs quickly.


"The EDNC85’s rib head attachment allows for small electrode machining in a big environment," said Lee Richmond, application engineering team leader at Makino. "The machine’s linear motor drive powers the rib head for fast jump speed. Chips are evacuated efficiently, while the machine remains rigid."


Equipped with a new "Rib Head" attachment, this large, heavy-duty machine can produce deep ribs as fast or faster than the smallest RAM EDM machines on the market. Jump speeds of 40mm/min. eliminate any need for flushing and provide unique finishes from top to bottom on all sidewalls.


Automatic tool change and adaptive controls enable high levels of unattended machining. "A-Jump"—automatic jump machining control—sets jump conditions to the machining job, eliminating the need for operator intervention. This makes it possible to machine small, fine jobs and also deep ribs reliably and accurately without trial runs, regardless of operator skill. MaxAdapt II—new, patent-pending capability—detects undesirable arc conditions and makes the needed corrections. This ensures optimum discharge and prevents surface quality deterioration due to arcing induced by chip buildup.


The EDNC85 features a "drop tank" design that allows for easier, faster, more accurate setups as well as lower mechanical stress during orbiting. Its three-axis head allows superior dynamic control, burning precision and machine response compared to machines that move the table for axis positioning. Creative engineering, heavy-duty construction and advanced control technology allow high machine productivity, superior machining accuracies.


The result is an EDM that machines 20 to 30 percent faster than manual EDM machines, while producing superior feature definition and surface finishes that reduce polishing times by 50 percent or more.


Largest Tank in Its Class


The drop tank design integrates the rear wall of the tank with the machine base for space and strength gains. The design gives the EDNC85 the largest tank size in its class—1200 x 800 x 450 mm—while allowing for an even more massive base. A U-shaped continuous structure provides the other three walls of the tank body. The structure retracts completely into the machine table.


Retractabililty provides open access to the table for safe, simple slide-on loading and setup. The EDNC85 comes standard with programmable tank raising and lowering. Adjustable tank depth allows optimal matching of dielectric fluid level to workpiece size—shallow for small jobs, high for large—for overall dielectric savings.


Once loaded, the EDNC85 is equally easy to operate. Master "model plan" menus allow simple selection and input of the machining conditions for the desired feature shape and surface finish—then automatically calculate machining time. Graphic prompts allow automated programs to be created without NC programming. Macro-based software optimizes orbital motion machining by the EDNC85’s three-axis head for superb finish, sharp corners, precise detail and the creation of complex shapes with fewer electrodes.


Proprietary software capabilities include:

  • Flexipath, which permits orbiting in any path and angling of the electrode, similar to wire EDM, for efficient and economical machining of special shapes;
  • Varipath, which applies "intelligent" orbiting to produce sharp corners without flushing. It equalizes metal removal for precise detail and quality finishes (up to .2mm RM);
  • Bottom Stop Complex, which creates curved or prismatic bottom cavities by programmable orbiting of standard electrodes.

Compact but versatile, the EDNC85 features a 1000 x 700 table with a 2000 lb. maximum table load. The fixed table enhances machine rigidity. The head provides axis travel of 800 x 500 x 350 mm. The three-axis head and square-type axis travels make it easy to set up, center and "trig out" a job. The machine bed is a heavily ribbed, single piece casting. Anti-friction linear guides and bearings complete the high-performance design, combining excellent rigidity with low-mass dynamics.


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