Makino's GF12/20 Brings High Speed to Large Dies and Molds


Mason, OH - September 2000 - Makino’s GF12/20 vertical machining center brings high performance machining to medium and large dies and molds. A large x, y and z axis 800" (2030mm) by 47.2" (1200 mm) by 27.5" (700 mm) makes it ideal for machining applications commonly found in the automotive industry. Equipped with a standard 15,000 rpm spindle, the GF12/20 delivers superb accuracy, ultra fine finishes and fast cycle times.

"The GF12/20 brings faster cycle times, as well as better cores and cavities," says Billy Grobe, Makino Die/Mold Operations Manager. "Supported by Makino’s proven technologies and processes, this high performance machining is realized. Makino’s proprietary, next generation Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.3) servo control delivers speed, accuracy and fine finishes that only a machine designed specifically for die/mold applications can provide. Patented spindle technology and Flush Fine advanced milling also enhance the GF12/20’s machining capabilities."

Improve Cycle Times 50 Percent

Makino’s patented SGI.3 features higher resolution feedback and greatly improved servo control for higher surface finish capabilities. Cycle times can now also be improved by up to 50 percent more than the previous SGI. The impact on productivity and throughput can be significant.

The GF12/20’s 15,000 rpm spindle has patented core cooling and under race lubrication to maintain thermal stability. "This allows for better accuracy, longer spindle bearing life and allows Makino to use larger spindle bearings for greater axial and radial rigidity," says Grobe. Makino’s advanced spindle minimizes thermal distortion at high speeds to provide exceptionally stable machining accuracy. The integrated construction of the spindle and drive motor also reduces vibration during high-speed operation to ensure high-quality machined surfaces. These finishes are made ultra fine using Makino’s proven Flush Fine (FF) advanced milling process, which virtually eliminates the need for polishing.

Flush Fine Finishes

FF is a high speed, high definition and low heat machining process pioneered by Makino. It combines high spindle speeds with precisely controlled, high pressure coolant or forced air to blast away chips and prevent heat buildup in the workpiece or the tool. This permits high-speed machining with greater thermal stability and chip control, resulting in a superior accuracy and finish, plus high metal removal rates and longer tool life"

The GF12/20’s superior capabilities are backed by the following features:

  • A spindle maximum torque capability of 30 min/cont. (410 N.m), shortening rough machining times dramatically
  • 472"/min (12,000 mm/min) rapid traverse with equally fast cutting feeds boosts productivity by reducing out-of-cut time while increasing metal removal rates
  • Rigid machine construction with thick slideways can handle workpieces as large as 7 tons
  • Roomy work table measuring 2500 x 1200 mm.

Makino is a global provider of advanced machining technology and application support for the metalcutting and die/mold industries. Makino manufacturing and service centers are located in every major country, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Italy, France, Korea, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Brazil, India and Turkey and are supported by a worldwide distributor network. For more information call 1.800.552.3288, or visit Makino on the Web at

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