Makino's New SGI.3 Super Geometric Intelligence Delivers Enhanced High-Performance Machining Capability


Mason, OH - April 25, 2000 - A technology leader in high-performance machining, Makino has introduced SGI.3, the next generation of its patented super geometric intelligence technology. SGI.3 enables processing of long, complex mold programs, at extremely fast speeds, while achieving levels of accuracy and finish previously unobtainable. SGI.3 can help reduce cycle times on complex cavities and cores by as much as 40 percent over other technologies while resulting in reduced benching and try-out demands.

"Molders and OEMs are always looking to obtain better definition of complex surfaces, hold tighter tolerances and improve surface finish quality," explains Tom Siegel, Makino die/mold product specialist. "In high-performance machining operations, SGI.3 takes over and adjusts feed rates on the fly with finely tuned servo systems while taking into consideration machine design characteristics and allowing for optimum performance. This new technology is raising the bar for all high-performance mold making machines and helping die and mold shops stay ahead in an increasingly competitive global marketplace."

SGI.3 combines block look-ahead and higher processing capability with higher machine acc/dec rates, finer resolution feedback and machine construction characteristics to deliver high-performance machining. SGI.3 consistently maintains higher feed rates and accuracy. It anticipates what the servo lag or following error will be for upcoming toolpath changes. It then moves the machine tool to that point ahead of the actual feedback from the servo drive, compensating for servo error to achieve a more accurate toolpath.

SGI.3 also provides coordinated compensation in all three axes simultaneously. This on-the-fly, three-dimensional compensation lets Makino machining centers track precisely to programmed toolpath on mold contours and complex geometries, even at five times or more the feed rates for conventional machines. Simultaneous coordination and correction of axis motions enables the machining centers to scribe smooth, curving 3-D cuts for superb finishing accuracy and surface quality.

Makino’s SGI.3 also features a patented process that dramatically improves circularity. And with SGI.3, the acceleration rate for feed mode is the same as the rapid traverse rate, another patented breakthrough. Acceleration rates are not determined by the servo system alone, but are restricted by the basic machine design and construction. If feed acceleration is set too high, accuracy, tool life and surface finish quality are sacrificed. SGI.3 delivers higher acceleration capabilities for feed modes while controlling accuracy and not compromising surface finish quality.

More Feedback for Better Finishes
SGI.3 features an ultra high resolution feed back system, critical in high-performance machining applications for both accuracy and surface finish. The system delivers 1,000,000 pulses of feedback information for each revolution of the servo motor/ball screw - or more than 15 times the 65,000 pulses generated by Makino’s original SGI. The closer the position and velocity of the servo system is monitored, the less opportunity it will have to drift. By monitoring position and velocity this closely, surface finish and accuracy are greatly improved.

"Benefits from the new SGI.3 go well beyond reduced cycle or machining time," adds Siegel. "The right combination of speed, tool life, accuracy and surface finish is where the practical competitive advantage comes. Programming for high-performance machining, by its very nature, requires equal doses of skill and technology. Optimal results are achieved at higher speeds and feeds with lower depths of cut, which vary depending on the type of tooling, type of metal and the ability of the machine to hold accuracy for those cutting conditions. SGI.3 allows for tighter chordial tolerances and smaller pick feeds, resulting in more accurate geometry and finer surface finishes while still reducing cycle times. It takes Makino’sSGI.3 technology working in concert with the machine tool cutting tools and machine control to deliver these results."

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