Makino's U86 Delivers Speed and Accuracy to Wire EDM Applications


MASON, OH—May, 2001—What if you could find a wire machine that could deliver cycle times up to 50 percent faster without losing any of the high-precision accuracy so crucial to the mold? Look no further. The latest addition to Makino’s award-winning U-Series of wire EDM machines relies on advanced generator technology for significantly faster cycle times while achieving superior surface finishes and workpiece accuracy. With a rigid, compact design capable of handling large molds and dies within a small machine footprint, the U86 can slash cycle time by 50 percent while achieving high quality surface finishes of 35mRmax in just three machining passes.

Its sturdy, fixed-bed table brings maximum rigidity while its machining speeds reach up to 350mm2/min. The end result is high-precision molds delivered more quickly than ever before. The U86 meets and exceeds the demanding tolerances of Wire EDM applications using the K-generator and its unique voltage waveform delivery and monitoring capabilities. High frequency electric pulses can be more efficiently delivered to the workpiece at nanosecond intervals, facilitating faster machining passes on the workpiece—even when removing larger amounts of material.

"With the U86’s greater voltage capabilities and better spark control, faster cycle times can easily be reached while enhancing the finished quality of dies or molds," says John Bradford, Makino’s Wire and RAM EDM applications engineer. "Traditionally, with higher voltage levels, you have to decrease metal removal speeds or decrease the depth of cut—impacting both cycle time and finished quality. The U86’s servo optimizes speeds and feeds in reaction to the voltage waveforms. This translates into aggressive metal removal rates, which are achieved without any workpiece distortion."

These enhancements are supported by the high-performance, advanced machining features of the U-Series Wire EDM machines. Makino’s award-winning drop tank design eliminates dielectric weight shift during machining and improves servo reaction speed and precision. It also improves operator efficiency and safety. The U86 has submersed machining capabilities of up to 19.7" and features a table capacity in excess of 6,600 lb., capable of handling workpieces up to 940 x 780 x 500 mm in size. Other features include the U86’s Dual Jet automatic wire threader and wire guiding system with built in "coreless" machining routines and ultra-high precision (1 1 micron) positioning accuracy and 25 repeatability.

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