Engine Block

Runoff Requirements
1.67 Cpk and cycle time on all critical features

21 J88 / System installation with gantry loading

Aluminum with cast-iron liners

Automotive V6 engine block

Hydraulic clamping, 1 part per fixture, top clamp fixturing was provided for Ops 30B and 40B for greater agility. Five fixture types were supplied for J88 processing.

Op10B, Op30B, Op40B, Op50B, Op30MA, Op40MA

Special tooling: closed-loop boring, plated wheel grinding, and various other high-speed tools

This V6 block project had a serial process. Makino provided process stages Op10B, Op40B, Op50B, Op30MA and Op40MA. Stages 20B, 10MA, 20MB, 50MA, 60MA and 70MA were supplied by other vendors.

Machining systems must be agile, yet be operated by shop floor personnel. Makino is responsible for much of the shop floor integration.

An interim process was also provided for the block’s lower case. This featured high-speed bulk head milling.