Medical Staple Mold


MATERIAL: 420 series stainless steel (50-52 HRc)

SPECIFICATIONS: 5mm x 5 mm part size, 0.10mm corner radii

A Makino V22 vertical machining center was used to manufacture a micro medical staple mold out of hardened 420 stainless steel. Previous processing of the mold was performed using electrical discharge machining (EDM), and required 67 hours of machine time to achieve 0.20mm corner radii.

The V22 direct machining solution eliminated the need for manual electrode work, CNC electrode processing, extended hours of EDM processing, and grinding. Additionally, the V22's core-cooled spindles, insulated work envelopes, rigid spindle design, and heavy, cast-iron bed sufficiently absorbed machining vibrations for a stable, accurate cutting platform. An optional automatic tool-length measurement system (ATLM) was used to ensure all tooling retained accurate form.

This processing resulted in a 34 hour cycle time, nearly 50 percent less time than EDM processing, and achieved the desired 0.10mm corner radii.