Micro filament / spring contact


MATERIAL: Tungsten carbide

SPECIFICATIONS: Micro filament / spring contact

This micro component was machined by using a combination of micro hole machining technologies of the EDFH1, fine hole sinker, and ultra fine wire technologies of the UPJ-2 horizontal wire EDM. The first operation of the EDFH1 machine, required the use of a 60 micron tungsten electrode, to produce (4) 70 micron diameter start holes through the 0.200mm thick, tungsten carbide work piece. After transferring the located work piece from the fine hole sinker EDM, to the horizontal wire, precise location was established using a common reference location provided by Erowa’s precision tooling. Once located in the UPJ-2 wire machine, automatic threading and machining operations were performed using 0.020mm diameter wire. Combined threading + machining cycle time of this part was 4 minutes.