nu‑tech makes part for boeing 767 percent faster



Nu-Tech Industries was formed in Grandview, Missouri, in 1972 on the basis of teamwork. That teamwork was put to the task of finding a better way to mill titanium. The company had developed expertise and earned a global reputation for quality high-speed milling of structural titanium parts for customers in the aerospace marketplace.

But Nu-Tech wanted to improve its processes even more to enhance cycle times and drive down operational costs. The company needed a machine that was an accurate workhorse and would accommodate high feedrates and surface speeds. And, because the toughness of titanium and its alloys reduces cutter life, it was imperative that maximum work be done by the machine while in the cut, yet maximizing tool life prior to replacement.


Makino teamed with Nu-Tech to develop a revolutionary process for milling titanium, helping the company fulfill its just-in-time reputation. The success of this Nu-Tech approach was a mix between conventional and high-speed milling, as well as process coordination and management, to improve production output and costs.

A significant part of the process improvement was Nu-Tech's investment in two Makino A77 horizontal machining centers. Nu-Tech primarily chose Makino because of our reputation for performance and reliability, according to Manufacturing Manager Ron Horner. "The Makino's maintenance performance is better than anything else we own. They are certainly up and operating more than anything else in our shop. And our Makino field service rep is close at hand and very responsive to any of our potential needs, should we require maintenance assistance."


Nu-Tech's Horner says, "We first took on the development of an aircraft component part from Boeing, and ran it conventionally in approximately 12 hours. We realized this was going too slow. We now run that same part in only one and one-half hours with various methods our team developed using the horizontal milling capabilities of the Makino A77. We have a process improvement of over 700 percent." With Makino, Horner says, "When it's running, it's making money. I can now put five times more titanium through my shop than before. The two A77s we own are the most profitable machines we have in the house. They continue paying you back. Our experience with Makino says that it is a great long-term investment. Just because it is so reliable and repeatable. Makino has definitely improved the process. The first part out of the machine is a good part. That saves money and especially time."


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