Parallel Processing for Engine Blocks


A77 Makino demonstrates the capability to machine a complete aluminum engine block in 4 operations.This process is completed on the A77 Horizontal Machining Center equipped with an automated material handling system.

Part Description
4.0 liter V8 aluminum engine block with cast iron cylinder liners.

Process Highlights

  • High-speed machining of oil seal tracks utilizing 18,000 rpm spindle
  • High-speed bi-metallic milling of head deck and cylinder liners
  • Closed-loop boring system using a Romicron boring head and Marposs probing system. This system provides the capability for in-process checks of cylinder bores and automatic adjustments of the boring bar to compensate for tool wear
  • Makino’s patent pending Typhoon Tool will be used to machine accessory and cover mounting holes complete with chamfers and counter-bores to various depthsHydrostatically Piloted Boring Bar
  • Finish main bearing journals using a hydrostatically piloted boring bar. The patented hydrostatic design provides the rigidity and damping required to maintain dimensional and locational accuracy through a bore-index-bore process
  • Hydrostatically piloted, coolant pressure actuated feedout head for machining the main bearing/crankshaft thrust face

Machine FeaturesEngine Block

  • HSK100A 18,000 rpm spindle
  • High pressure through-spindle coolant programmable from the CNC program
  • Rapid feedrates up to 1,180 ipm
  • Marposs Optical Interface Probing System with closed loop boring capability

Tool Description Vendor Speed (SFM) Feed (ipm)
G7 Drill Kennametal/Accuromm 1,350 200
Seal track end mill MC Carbide 930 110
Tapping head Kennametal/Tapmatic 100 43.5
Head deck mill Kennametal 10,000 190
Z-axis mill Kennametal 2,500 71
Closed loop boring bar Kennametal/Romicron 1,000 21
M10 x 1.5 Typhoon Kennametal/Makino 1,250 20
Feedout head Kennametal 2,100 10
Hydrostatic boring bar Kennametal/Adaptive Technologies 1,900 12.5