Retainer Mold



SPECIFICATIONS: 5,700 holes 0.012 inches in diameter, with a tolerance of ±0.0002 inch tolerance; 0.080" work piece thickness at hole locations

A previously outsourced retainer mold featuring 5,700 holes was machined on an EDGE2 Fine Hole using 0.0120 inch diameter hollow, copper pipe electrodes. Each hole required a 0.0132 inch finished hole diameter with a tolerance of ±0.0002 inch. 

The EDGE2 Fine Hole's precision positioning accuracy achieved consistent hole size and location to within 0.002mm repeatability. An additional automated electrode changer and electrode handling mechanism ensured maximum unattended operation. 

By internally producing this part on the EDGE2 Fine Hole, increased orders were met, all quality inspections were passed, overall gross revenue increased, and labor costs were reduced by 33 percent.