E33 High‑Speed VMC for Graphite and Hard Milling Applications

Provides high precision and superior surface finish and tool life

AUBURN HILLS, MI—September 2006—Makino’s newest vertical machining center is ideal for operations wanting high precision, high-speed milling of both graphite and steel. The E33 offers a rapid traverse and cutting feed-rate on all axes of 1,574 IPM and maintains low vibration characteristics, while also creating superior surface finishes. Extended tool life and advanced controls add to the machine’s overall ease of use and unattended operation time.

Built with automation in mind, the E33 comes standard with SGI.4 for reduced cycle times and a Pro.5 controller. The machine comes standard with an HSK 40,000 RPM spindle, with Makino’s patented core-cooled spindle, and with a 30-tool automatic tool changer.

Increasing Productivity
Diamond Injection Molds Inc., of Ontario, California, purchased a Makino E33 to manufacture parts for the medical, automotive plastics and irrigation industries.
“We wanted to reduce lead times and become more competitive, while expanding our business to run 24/7 to increase overall productivity,” says supervisor Kenny Schmidt.

“In addition, we wanted the ability to machine hardened mold inserts and speed up our electrode manufacturing process. With the Makino E33, we achieved these goals and greatly reduced the amount of electrodes needed to manufacture molds.”

Competitive Advantages
The Makino E33 has a low ownership cost that comes from its low capital cost, low operating cost and low maintenance cost. It is highly productive and highly profitable, which makes it a good return on investment.

On a recent job, Diamond saw the competitive results with the E33 firsthand. “We manufactured a duplicate mold using the E33. We hard milled the core inserts complete. Previously we used many processes to manufacture the cores,” says Schmidt.

“We used a lot of EDM in the past, and the entire job used to take 150 hours. Now, with the Makino E33, it takes less than 53 hours to make the 12 cores for this mold – a reduction of two-thirds the time.”

“The Makino E33’s ability to machine graphite fast and accurately has doubled our capacity to manufacture electrodes. If we get backed up in manufacturing electrodes we can use the E33 to catch up. The ability to do both electrode manufacturing and hard die milling gives us flexibility in our schedule.”

“The Makino E33 gave us versatility and reduced our lead times,” says owner Mark Spangler. “The speed and accuracy of the machine broadened our company’s horizons and increased the opportunities for the types of jobs that we can pursue.

“Now we can go after more of the quick prototype work – things that need to go in and out of the shop quickly. That’s the kind of return on investment that Diamond is seeing right away.”

“This is our first Makino machine and we are very happy with the E33,” says Schmidt. “It wasn’t just the machine that made this possible—it was also Makino behind the machine. We attended Tech Transfer classes at Makino in Auburn Hills, Michigan. They not only showed us the technology, but they showed us how to use it well.  Now we also have great application and technical support locally from Makino’s facility in Fountain Valley, California.”

“As far as the performance on the shop floor – in conjunction with the knowledge gained from Tech Transfer, we have seen superior surface finishes, minimized our hand finishing and have reduced the need for jig grinding.”

Diamond will further increase the company’s productivity when they purchase a robot to use with this machine sometime in the near future. “Makino has referred us to many good vendors which has complimented the work that we do with the E33,” says Schmidt. “We expect nothing but good things as we move forward with the E33.”

Features and Advantages
The E33 has an X-axis of 650 mm (25.6 in.), and Y- and Z-axes of 450 mm (17.7 in.). The standard work table is 850 mm x 500 mm (33.5 in. x 19.7 in.) and work load capacity is 500 kg (1,102 lbs.). Equipped with scale feedback as a standard feature, the machine provides positioning accuracy of +/-0.0015 mm (+/-0.000059 in.) and repeatability of +/- 0.001 mm (+/- 0.000039) enabling highly accurate cutting.

While the E33  weighs in at a rugged 16,090 pounds (7,300 kg) for solid rigidity and stability, it comes in a compact size ideal for any shop. It has a width of 85 inches (2,160 mm), a height of 119.6 inches (3,038 mm) and an overall length of 154.6 inches (3,928 mm) – including the dust collection system.

The high performance Pro.5 control offers a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that is easily configurable, and Makino’s proprietary Data Center serves as a repository and interface for networking and seamless communications. SGI.4 ULTRA, the latest generation of Makino’s patented, high-accuracy 3-D software is ideal for complex surfaces because it efficiently processes tiny blocks of NC data. ULTRA mode provides both outstanding accuracy and minimum machining time – up to 30% faster than standard SGI.4.

The E33 features a fully enclosed chip and splash shield that completely seals the workzone and prevents dust and chips from escaping. A center chip trough uses a scrapper-type chip conveyor and a fully integrated dust collection system keeps the machining zone clean.

The Makino E33 is well suited for graphite and hard milling.  It has a heavy cast iron construction (12,784 pounds or 5,800 kg) for outstanding stiffness and rigidity. The machine has fully supported travels, high reliability and is thermally stable.

It has a stiff, high-speed, high-accuracy 40,000-rpm spindle, with ceramic ball design (1.57 inch or 40 mm diameter) and under race lubrication for minimal thermal distortion. The integral dust collection system comes standard on the E33, as does a 30-tool capacity automatic tool changer.

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