EDGE3S Sinker EDM with HQSF™

Larger and more dynamic version of popular EDGE2

MASON, OH—September 2008—The Makino EDGE3S sinker EDM machine is ideal for the plastic injection mold and impact tooling markets, dedicated to helping manufacturers drive costs out of their operations.

The EDGE3S is well suited for both the entry-level shop as well as the advanced high-level shop looking to automate EDM. Like all Makino equipment, it is designed to achieve high accuracy with superior surface finishes utilizing state-of-the-art technology. This approach will help shops lower their EDM operational costs more than any competitive machine.

The EDGE3S is similar to the Makino EDGE3, except that it includes HQSF™ (High Quality Surface Finish) additive technology. HQSF™ improves finishes using copper, high-grade graphite (Poco-3, AFS), and medium-grade graphite (Poco-2, Poco200), with appropriate tank and pump enhancements.

The EDGE3S machine is specifically intended to facilitate safe and simple unattended operation for entry-level EDM applications. It is also value-designed to provide exceptional service that any shop can afford, without compromising on the latest technology or quality of finish provided on similar and larger Makino machines. The relatively compact EDGE3S is 78 x 84 x 92.8 inches (1,950 x 2,100 x 2,320 mm) and weighs in at a solid 10,340 pounds (4,700 kg).

Design Features
The innovative mechanical and servo design of the EDGE3S provides cycle time jump rates of 400 IPM (10,000 mm/min.). Makino’s Intelligent Expert System™ and MGH CNC Power Supply includes the latest  SuperSpark 3™ technology. This allows the EDGE3S to achieve faster overall machining rates, with superior surface finishes to 2 µinch.

The EDGE3S has an X-, Y-, Z-axis of 18 x 12 x 12.8 inches (450 x 300 x 320 mm), with a Z-axis jump speed of 400 ipm (10,000 mm/min). The rapid traverse speed of the unit is 400 ipm (10,000 mm/min). The 24 x 18 (600 x 450 mm) worktable allows for workpieces as large as 1,760 pounds (800 kg) in weight, with a tabletop height of 35.6 inches (890 mm). This size of operation allows for electrodes up to 110 pounds (50 kg).

The automatic tool changing (ATC) function on the EDGE3S operates twice as fast as other small EDM sinker machines. It includes storage for eight electrodes, with an option for 16 electrodes, and has a standard 60-amp power supply and a sludge separator.

Other optional features to enhance the flexibility of the EDGE3S include EROWA ITS and 3R Macro installation sets and a wire EDM attachment for dressing electrodes used in fine detail applications. It also has an optional MA C-axis head capable of rotating at up to 1000 rpm, and indexing to +/- 15 arc seconds.

The machine bed of the EDGE3S is a heavily ribbed, single piece casting. Anti-friction linear guides and bearings complete the high-performance design, combining excellent rigidity with low-mass dynamics. This heavy-duty construction, combined with the fixed table, brings high levels of accuracy to every application.

HQSF™ Technology
Makino’s HQSF uses an environmentally safe powder additive that is mixed with the dielectric fluid to improve electrical conductivity for more consistent discharging. This eliminates secondary discharges that waste energy and allow increased efficiency of the sparks, to achieve a superior finish without a loss in metal removal rates.

HQSF is a remarkably practical method of machining that combines micro-discharge pulse control, high response servo technology and Makino’s patented additive to improve machine through-put. The additive-based technology has a major impact on finishing time, with a 40 to 50 percent or better improvement of achievable surface finish over conventional EDM sinkers in similar applications.

Superior, more uniform surface finishes are achieved with HQSF, which has a primary application in many troublesome areas, such as the machining of hard-to-polish and high surface area shapes like speaker grilles and deep ribs. Finishing speeds are markedly faster than conventional EDM and stability of the machining process is enhanced.

Makino’s HQSF provides numerous benefits over previous used silicon or chrome additives. This technology is available for all Makino EDGE-Series and EDNC-Series RAM EDM machines.

Standard Features Promote Unattended Operation and High-Precision
The EDGE3S is enhanced by an array of Makino's standard EDM features, including:

  • an eight, 16 or 32 station automatic electrode changer for unattended operation and improved throughput
  • a high-precision, heavy-duty MR C-axis rotating head with 10 rpm capability, an automatic fire extinguisher to protect the operators, workpiece, and machine, a fixed table which eliminates dielectric weight shift during machining and improves servo reaction, speed, and precision, guaranteed positioning and repeatability accuracy of +/- .000039 inch.

Makino's award-winning drop tank design with zero fill time and dielectric chiller completes these features. The tank size for the EDGE3S is 32 x 22 x 14 inches (800 x 550 x 350 mm), with a maximum fluid capacity of 400 L and a maximum fluid height of 300 mm. The drop tank improves many aspects of the EDM process, as the retractable tank walls provide wide-open table access for safe, simple slide-on loading and faster, more accurate setups. The adjustable tank depth allows matching of dielectric fluid level to workpiece size.

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