Horizontal Machining Center Productivity Improved with Makino’s Inertia Active Control Technology

Makino’s new Inertia Active Control technology optimizes B-axis rotation for reduced non-cut time

Mason, OH – February 2012 – Makino announces its new horizontal machining center technology, Inertia Active Control (IAC), for improved productivity through direct-drive rotary table optimization. By effectively reducing non-cut times resulting from table rotation, IAC technology gives manufacturers improved efficiency and profitability.

“Every second of non-cut time that can be eliminated from the machining process provides manufacturers with a step above the competition,” says David Ward, Makino’s horizontal product line manager. “IAC technology provides that advantage by evaluating and optimizing the acceleration and deceleration settings on a per-pallet basis. For a production manufacturer, this could mean thousands of additional parts produced on each horizontal machining center over a year’s time.”

The foundation for IAC technology lies in Makino’s direct-drive (DD) rotary table design that provides inertia feedback from the B-axis motor to the machining center’s control system. While acceleration and deceleration rates for standard rotary tables are typically set for maximum inertia and weight to ensure accuracy, IAC uses data from the DD rotary table to quickly evaluate and adjust acceleration and deceleration settings to optimal levels for the specific pallet condition.

IAC technology is currently available on Makino’s nx line of horizontal machining centers, the a51nx and a61nx. These 40-taper machining centers extend the capabilities of the highly successful a-series with a host of technologies for next-generation productivity, accuracy and reliability. The a51nx and a61nx feature pallet sizes of 400mm and 500mm, respectively.

To find out more about IAC and other new control technologies from Makino, visit www.makino.com/events and register for the “New Control Technologies” webinar series.

Direct-Drive Rotary Table
Makino’s DD rotary table offers high-speed positioning capability while reducing B-axis complexity and eliminating backlash, caused by wear. Included in the table’s design are cooling jackets that remove heat from the motor and table bearings assuring sustained dynamic accuracy. Its fully programmable axis with 0.0001-degree resolution enables full four-axis contouring capability for complex part geometries.

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