Makino Announces Online Seminar Schedule for the first half of 2011

Online seminars focus on the latest milling and EDM process technologies

Mason, Ohio – December 2010 – Makino is pleased to announce the first half of their 2011 online seminar schedule. These online seminars offer a simple and accessible way to learn about the latest in innovative process solutions as well as new machining technologies from Makino.
Since its inception, the Makino online seminar series has broadcast over 125 events with thousands of attendees. These seminars offer diversified content including 5-axis machining, aerospace, automation, die mold, EDM, micromachining, tool management and software solutions.
Each online seminar consists of a high-quality video presentation followed by a live Q&A session with the speaker. Registration is required to attend, but all seminars are presented free of charge. A full schedule is available at

Additional online seminar topics will be added throughout the year and will be posted at upon announcement. For an archive of Makino online seminars visit

Winter/Spring 2011 Online Seminar Schedule
Jan. 13 - Manufacturing Expansion Program, the next generation of HMCs
Join us for an informational webinar to learn how the new a51nx and a61nx horizontal machining centers can take your manufacturing applications to the next level of productivity and efficiency. These CNC machines are redefining the boundaries of 40-taper machining by expanding your capability, capacity, productivity & reliability. Expand your ability to make lower-cost parts faster than ever.

Jan. 27 - Additive EDM Processes (HQSF) – Seeing Through the Murk
Additive EDM processes can greatly improve productivity in applications that require fine finishes and significantly reduce part release issues during the molding process. Learn how additives work, the importance of the type of additive used and how Makino’s HQSF (High Quality Surface Finish) can reduce cycle times, improve molding operations and extend tool/die/mold life.

Feb. 10 - Invest in Titanium Machining
Want a hot tip? You need to invest today in new technologies for titanium milling. The growth in titanium applications will exceed the current machining capacity. Will you be ready to take advantage of this demand? This webinar will introduce Makino’s new T2, a 5 axis horizontal machining center with ADVANTiGE technologies. These innovative technologies can be the path to profitable milling of mid-sized titanium components with four times the productivity and double the tool life of traditional titanium machining.

Feb. 24 - Real time machine, process control, and data management
MPmax is a new suite of software utilities for monitoring Makino machines, both milling and EDM.  MPmax can help you achieve maximum productivity from your Makino machines through real time display of their operating status including images, remote diagnostics, machine utilization information, and alarm and measurement data. In this webinar, you will learn how you can improve your management of the manufacturing process including cutting tool data, email notifications, automatic collection of measured part information and energy consumption.

Mar. 10 - Do you need a small tabletop machine to make small parts?
Learn what technologies are required to make micro scale features with micron level tolerances every day. See what machine design principals and features are required to create these ultra precision and complex parts. Learn what it takes to generate positioning repeatability of less than 100nm and positioning accuracy of less than 500nm. Learn how Makino is controlling the minimum increment of machine movement to 10nm.

Mar. 24 - Cutting Iron? Do you need 50 taper?
Think you have to use a 50 taper machine to effectively cut your iron applications? Think again.  Reduce your cycle time and capital expenditure by utilizing the new technologies and spindle power within Makino’s 40 taper horizontal machining centers, the a51nx and a61nx. This webinar will discuss productivity enhancements and techniques for ferrous machining applications. If you cut iron, you need to watch this.

Apr. 7 - How much is your outdated machinery really costing you?
While that older, paid-for machine tool on your shop floor may look like a “cash-cow” – what are the true costs associated with continuing to operate outdated technology? Advancements in machine technologies have significantly increased productivity and efficiency. Learn how new machines with new controls offer reduced cycle times, higher reliability, less down-time, reduced maintenance, lower energy and operational costs, less floor space, and much more. See if continuing to run that old machine is really a wise business decision. 

Apr. 28 - MPG (Makino Program Generator) makes sinker programming easy
Makino’s new on-board sinker programming system is simple to use, and can generate safe, efficient programs even for the novice EDM operator. Through a combination of program screens and video, you will discover just how easy it is to program and run a Makino sinker EDM. See just how easy it is to learn a new control system with Makino’s new intuitive program generation and easy to follow input screens. 

May 12 - Machined surface finishes to 10nm Ra
This unique webinar will highlight the machining techniques and machine tool technologies required to achieve surface finishes as fine as 10nm Ra. Machining technologies to be discussed are Ram EDM, Wire EDM and ultra precision milling. Also included in the discussion will be various metrology technologies required to validate machining results and surface finishes at this high level.

May 26 - Effective utilization of your Wire EDM work zone
When it comes to your wire EDM workzone, size does matter. Learn techniques and tricks for taking advantage of your usable work area which can boost your productivity and bottom line. See how plate stacking, fixturing, multiple part set-ups and multiple job set ups can result in a substantial increase in unattended burning, improved job scheduling and increased capacity.

Archived Seminars Available in the Events Library
All Makino online seminars are archived for later viewing at Over 100 seminars are available covering topics such as micromachining, moldmaking, EDM, aerospace, automation and production machining. New seminars are added the week after they are initially broadcast. Transcripts are also available.
To see the full schedule or register to attend an event, visit

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