Makino Establishes New Global Titanium R&D Center at Mason, Ohio Facility

Mason, Ohio - April 2010 - Makino announced today that its Mason, Ohio facility has been designated Makino's Global Titanium Research and Development Center, where a specialized group of engineers will further the development of titanium milling technologies. The facility will include state-of-the-art machine tools, specialized titanium machining and tooling experts, CMM equipment, and all the necessary tools and talent to further titanium machining technologies. Makino is releasing several new technologies in titanium machining in 2010.

“Titanium machining is very process driven, meaning the machine tool, cutting tools, machining process, and coolants must all be developed and integrated specific to titanium’s material properties,” says Tom Clark, Vice President of Makino. “Our mission at Makino’s Global Titanium R&D Center is to provide manufacturers with the best in titanium application expertise by combining Makino’s titanium machining capabilities with the world's leading process technologies. This is an ideal opportunity to work with vendors, suppliers, and partners to develop improved metal removal rates and longer tool life in titanium milling.

“The Mason, Ohio facility was chosen based on the increasing importance of titanium in the aerospace industry which is centralized here in North America. Our past experience in aluminum aerospace applications and grinding of hard metals will serve as an advantage to the continued development of titanium aerospace processing techniques."

Makino's Global Titanium R&D Center will be managed by a select group of engineers with knowledge and experience around Titanium in both academic and industrial backgrounds. The group will be working with tooling and consumable vendors from around the world for a wide knowledge base in all types of titanium applications.

Global Titanium Day
On May 20, Makino will host a Global Titanium Day event at the Mason, Ohio facility to celebrate the new Global Titanium R&D Center and unveil the company's latest titanium machining technology, ADVANTiGETM, capable of four times the productivity and the double the tool life of conventional titanium machining.

Titanium Machinery
Makino's Global Titanium R&D Center features a variety of machining platforms, including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, and wire and Ram EDMs. Currently installed equipment includes a Makino a81M horizontal machining center, D500 5-axis vertical machining center, EDGE3 Ram EDM with Titanium Booster technology, and the T4 5-axis horizontal machining center, part of Makino's latest T-series machines. T-series machines are built specifically for Titanium aerospace parts and are the first to include ADVANTiGE technologies. The first machines in Makino's T-series include the T4 and T2 five-axis horizontal machining centers. The larger T4 provides X, Y, and Z axis travels of 4,200mm, 2,000mm, and 1,000mm respectively, and can hold workpieces up to 5,000kg. For smaller aerospace components, the T2 provides X, Y, and Z axis travels of 2,000mm, 2,000mm, and 1,800mm respectively, and can hold workpieces up to 5,000kg.

About Makino
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