Makino Expands EDNC‑Series Line with New EDNC10, EDNC15, EDNC20 Sinker EDMs

New sinker EDMs offer power, precision and speed for even larger workpieces
Mason, Ohio – December, 14 2015 – Makino announces the latest expansion to its lineup of EDNC-Series sinker EDM machines, the EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20. Designed to provide a powerful blend of power, speed and precision in large work envelopes, these new EDNC sinker EDMs accommodate massive, heavy workpieces while still producing delicate, fine features with high accuracy and exceptional surface finish.
The rigid and precise construction of the EDNC-Series enables the EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20 to achieve the accuracy and surface finish levels found on smaller sinker EDM machines, said Brian Pfluger, Makino’s EDM product line manager.
“Many large-commodity sinker EDMs will see a significant performance drop-off in accuracy, surface finish and machine speed when compared to standard-size sinker EDM machines. The Makino EDNC-Series machines overcome these challenges with key technologies that achieve small-sinker EDM performance on a large-platform machine,” Pfluger said.
Die and mold shops, aerospace and power-generation equipment manufacturers are sure to appreciate the larger work sizes of these machines. Specifications are noted below:

  Axis Travels (X, Y, Z) Work Tank (W, D, H) Max. Work Load Max. Electrode Weight
EDNC10 39.4 x 23.6 x 19.7 in
(1,000 x 600 x 500 mm)
59.1 x 43.3 x 19.7 in
(1,500 x 1,100 x 500 mm)
6,614 lbs
(3,000 kg)
662 lbs
(300 kg)
EDNC15 59.1 x 27.6 x 19.7 in
(1,500 x 700 x 500 mm)
98.4 x 55.1 x 31.5 in
(2,500 x 1,400 x 800 mm)
22,047 lbs
(10,000 kg)
1,103 lbs
(500 kg)
EDNC20 78.7 x 27.6 x 23.6 in
(2000 x 700 x 600 mm)
110.2 x 63.0 x 41.3 in
(2,800 x 1,600 x 1,050 mm)
22,047 lbs
(10,000 kg)
1,654 lbs
(750 kg)
The EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20 feature 60-amp (80 Peak amps) power supplies as standard, with 120 or 240-amp options available. The EDNC10 and EDNC15 machines are designed with a full three-sided programmable drop tanks, providing unparalleled ergonomic access for setup and operation. The EDNC20 features a programmable rise and fall front door, which controls dielectric fluid level, and can be set to match the height of the workpiece while providing optimum viewing of the machining operation.
The design of the large EDNC machines also features:
·         High-mass castings to ensure mechanical and thermal stability
·         Stationary table for accurate positioning regardless of workpiece size or weight
·         Space-saving integrated reservoir in the base casting to reduce machine size
·         Dual-anchored direct-drive ballscrews that maintain precision long term
Revolutionary Hyper Technologies
Makino’s proprietary Hyper technologies included on the EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20 ensure the ideal mix of speed, surface finish and reduced electrode wear.
HyperCut technology is a new generator function that increases power levels without requiring additional reduction on the electrode, and it improves roughing speeds by up to 30 percent without affecting workpiece accuracy or surface quality.  The technology minimizes electrode wear while providing the fastest possible machining speed.
Each EDNC-Series machine is equipped with the new Hyper-i control system, which is the same system used on Makino’s wire EDM products, signifying a standardization of Makino’s EDM machine controls. Hyper-i improves productivity by streamlining and simplifying the machine interface so that operators of all skill levels can achieve the most efficient results. Its 24-inch high-definition monitor provides touch-screen technology similar to that of smartphones and tablets, enabling the use of pinch, swipe and spread movements to select machining conditions for workpiece and electrode material type, and the desired feature shape and surface finish. The user friendliness of the Hyper-i Control is further enhanced with the integration of on-board digital manuals, intelligent E-Tech Doctor help functions, and an e-Learning training system.
Additional Performance Enhancing Technologies
SuperSpark IV: SuperSpark IV is an advanced adaptive control technology that optimizes the machining discharge power and electrode jump motions during roughing and finishing operations. This technology is especially effective on rib or drafted electrodes, and when combined with HyperCut settings, can reduce total machining time by up to 50 percent.
High-Quality Surface Finish Option: All EDNC-Series sinker EDMs can be equipped with Makino’s proprietary High-Quality Surface Finish™ (HQSF) technology that yields achievable surface finish capabilities 50 percent better than conventional surface finishes, regardless of discharge surface area. The HQSF technology can extend tool life through improved surface integrity, and can also reduce cycle time even when fine surface finishes are not required.   
High-Speed Z-Axis Option: The HS-Rib Z-Axis configuration reduces rough machining speeds of small electrodes, such as plastic injection tooling ribs or pin gate details, and provides enhanced jump speeds of up to 20m/min that can reduce machining times by up to 60 percent.
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