Makino Introduces D500 5-axis Machining Center

The D500 provides high accuracy and speed with excellent automation capabilities

MASON, Ohio – June 2008 – Makino is proud to announce the newest addition to its family of 5-axis machining centers, the D500. This new 5-axis vertical machining center is designed for complex part production where part quality is paramount.

“This machine combines the agility of a full 5-axis machining center with the accuracy inherent in every Makino,” says Tim Jones, Makino product manager. “Add Makino’s unmatched applications engineering to the mix, and this is a very powerful offering for any job shop.”

The work zone for the D500 is 500 x 450mm. The X-, Y-, and Z-axes provide strokes up to 550 mm, 1000 mm, and 500 mm respectively. Rotary table axes A and C provide rotational motion of +30 to -120 degrees on the A-axis and a full 360 degrees on the C-axis. The D500 is capable of rapid rates up to 50m per minute and is equipped with a 14,000 rpm high power spindle. 20,000 rpm and 30,000 rpm core cooled spindles are also available on the D500.

In addition to the D500, Makino offers 5-axis machining centers based on both a vertical machining center and horizontal machining platform, including specialty 5-axis machining centers designed to machine large aerospace structural components.

Direct Drive Rotary Table
Makino utilizes three direct drive motors for the D500’s C-axis rotary table and the A-axis trunnion. One direct drive motor controls the C-axis motion. Two direct drive motors control motion in the A-axis – one at each end of the trunnion. The dual motor design provides greater torque and rigidity. Most importantly twist and torsion in the trunnion is eliminated to achieve superior dynamic accuracy. The ultra-high torque DD motors also provide superior acceleration characteristics that can slash cycle time of complex five-axis simultaneous machining applications by up to 60%.

The D500 axis configuration is unique and provides added performance. The length of the trunnion assembly runs parallel to the X-axis motion only, making the trunnion assembly deflection-free during quick axis motion for greater accuracy than traditional five-axis configurations.

The machine features roller linear guides across all linear axes for extra rigidity. Y and Z axes are located above the work zone, the X axis is located in the bed side of the machine. Greater accuracy was achieved with independent axes, in which movement remains uninfluenced by the characteristics of combined axes.

Engineered for Accuracy
The architecture of the D500 is a “closed loop” design that increases overall stiffness and rigidity of the machine structure. This means all force impacted points of the machine are in close proximity to its support structure. Simply put – high stiffness, minimum over-hang design.

This new five-axis machine includes Makino’s Thermal Stabilizer system that includes core cooled ball screws and heat insulation systems. This system allows for sustainable dynamic accuracy in unstable shop environments. Internal base coolant removes chips from the work zone efficiently where they are evacuated from the machine by a lift-up chip conveyor

Professional 5 CNC Control
The D500 incorporates control enhancements to improve five-axis machining performance and operability. Tool Center Point Control (TCP) allows programming based on the tool tip so that tool compensation features can be applied. Further TPC developments improve the cutter path to achieve greater surface quality. Dedicated user-friendly screens are developed to simplify the overall application of five-axis machining. Easy to apply functions are included to prevent interference between the spindle and trunnion during automatic operation to improve risk-free production.

The D500 provides great operator access to the work table for machine interaction and setup purposes, with a ceiling opening to allow easy crane access to the machine. The machine can be easily upgraded for automation. An Automatic Pallet Changer can be added to the machine at any time, and it can be integrated into Makino’s MMC2 pallet system that includes Makino a51 400mm horizontal machining centers. Now you can match the machine to the suitable job requirements.

About Makino
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