Makino Introduces MCF Series for Large Components

High-speed, precision horizontal machining center for parts up to 5300 x 3000mm

MASON, OH – August 2007 – In a world where parts are growing more complex, the need for a large, high-precision, high-speed horizontal machining center for production work is apparent. With this in mind, Makino has introduced the MCF Series of HMCs, suitable for parts up to 5300mm in diameter and 3000mm tall.

“Makino is known as the standard in high performance horizontal machine tools,” said Tim Jones, Makino’s HMC product manager. “The MCF Series takes the precision and quality we have built into our smaller HMCs and applies it to parts up to five meters in X. This allows a whole new level of quality, speed and efficiency for those producing these large parts, unseen in this category until now.”

Four sizes of machines are available for delivery in nine months or less, depending on the work envelope size needed.

Model -- XYZ Travels -- Pallet Working Area -- Max Workpiece (diameter x height)

MCF3518 -- 3550 x 1800 x 2000mm -- 2000 x 1600mm -- 3500 x 2000mm

MCF4018 -- 4050 x 1800 x 2000mm -- 2500 x 1600mm -- 4600 x 2000mm

MCF4025 -- 4050 x 2500 x 2000mm -- 3000 x 1600mm -- 4600 x 3000mm

MCF5025 -- 5050 x 2500 x 3000mm -- 4000 x 2000mm -- 5300 x 3000mm

All MCFs are built with a 18,000 rpm spindle, a feedrate of up to 16 meters per minute, and come standard with Makino’s Geometric Intelligence (either GI.3 or Super GI.3). Average positioning accuracy in X is 2 microns, 1.3 microns in Y, and 1.5 microns in Z. Repeatable positioning accuracy average in X is 0.87 microns, 0.65 microns in Y, and 0.73 microns in Z. In circular form machining, MCFs are guaranteed accurate to 9 microns.

Other features include a double-gib system to insure high accuracy over long periods and a semi-floating slideway system to constrain lost motion. Makino’s Thermal Stabilizer technology is incorporated on the machines to reduce deformation by 50 percent, as well as Makino’s patented core-cooled spindle and under race lubrication.

A 60-tool magazine is standard, though the machines are available with 120 and 240 magazines as well. Maximum tool length is 800mm at a weight of 30 kg.

“These machines may be big, but you can still expect the performance of a Makino,” added Jones. “We have several other large machines, such as the MAG series for aerospace and the MCC-VG for large molds, so we know what it takes to build a big machine right.”

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