Makino Introduces New a92 HMC

Ideal For Diesel Engine Production, Large Parts and Difficult Materials

MASON, OH--September, 2006--The a92 horizontal machining center (HMC) is the newest addition to Makino’s line of production machinery. The rugged speed and durability of the a92 machine is perfect for use by tier-level production shops in North America and around the globe for manufacturing parts used by the Class 8 diesel truck engine market as well as the aerospace, semiconductor and oil field markets.

“The size, rigidity, power, and spindle torque of the 800 mm machine make it a very powerful and stable tool,” according to Tim Jones, HMC product line manager for Makino.  “This is especially beneficial when used in conjunction with the ‘Super High Torque’ package, which is ideally suited for cutting production parts in difficult to machine metals.

“The high thrust axis design of the a92 is perfect for providing the thrust and acceleration necessary to produce parts in compacted graphite iron (CGI) for the diesel engine market.  This will be a key technology for many production part shops due to pending new diesel engine regulations in 2007.”

The performance of the a92 can be further enhanced by using SmartTool™ technology. SmartTools are unique, highly flexible tools utilized by technologically advanced Makino machining centers to eliminate manufacturing steps and multiple tools, set-ups, reduced cycle times and reduced costs, all while enhancing quality and operational throughput and production.

Features and Specifications
The rapid feedrate of the a92 machine is 1969 IPM (50m/minute), with the acceleration/deceleration rate at 0.4 g.  It has an X-Y-Z-axes range of 59 x 49 x 53 inches (1500 mm x 1250 mm x 1350 mm), and comes standard with an 10,000 RPM, spindle.  Additional spindle options range from the 8,000 RPM Super High Torque spindle to the 20,000 RPM High Speed Spindle.

The extremely accurate positioning standard of the machine is +/- 0.00010 inches (0.0025 mm), with a repeatability of  +/-  0.00006 inches (0.0015 mm).  The squareness geometry is 0.0005 inches in 20 inches (0.012 mm/500 mm), and straightness geometry at 0.00031 inches in 20 inches (0.008 mm/500 mm).

The a92 has a  31 x 39 inch (800 x 1000 mm) pallet capable of handling workpieces up to 59 inches (1500 mm) in diameter and height, and weighing up to 4,400 pounds (2000 kg), with an option up to 6,600 pounds (3000 kg). The automatic pallet changer on this machine allows for a full pallet change in 23 seconds.  It fits a solid niche in comparison to the other Makino HMCs.




Measurement in mm X Y Z Pallet
a51 560 560 600 400
a61 730 650 730 500
a81 900 800 1020 630
a82 1100 820 1020 630 x 800
A99e 1250 1100 1250 800
A92 1500 1250 1350 800 x 1000
A100E 1700 1350 1400 1000

The 360-degree position index table of the new machine contains four tapered cone pallet clamps positioned specifically to achieve unparalleled high thrust machining in the upper extreme of Y- axis.  The index positioning accuracy is +/- 2 seconds, and the repeatability accuracy +/- 1 second.

The automatic tool changer has a capacity of 40 tools, and can handle a maximum tool diameter of 14 inches (350 mm) and maximum tool length of 35 inches (900 mm).  The tool-to-tool time is a brisk 1.7 seconds. Larger ATCs ranging from 92 to 301 are also available options.

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