Makino Introduces SurfaceWIZARD™ Wire EDM Technology

Provides superior surfaces for variable shape and thickness parts

AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN--Sept 2007-- Makino is proud to announce its latest Wire EDM technology development, SurfaceWIZARD™, which virtually eliminates witness lines.

SurfaceWIZARD is the newest control technology development from Makino’s EDM R&D. This technology provides exceptional surface quality in applications where the part has variable shape thickness or sudden changes in thickness, such as a stepped part. It will be an invaluable tool for shops manufacturing parts for the aerospace, medical and injection mold markets.

Witness Lines
Historically, when stepped parts have been Wire EDMed the process would leave a “witness” line at the transition from one step thickness to the next. Many times the part would have a taper with variations in straightness across the machined surface. SurfaceWIZARD virtually eliminates these lines and has been shown to maintain part straightness within 5 microns in one pass and within 2.5 microns in two pass machining.

SurfaceWIZARD technology has been developed for tool steels up to 4 inches (100mm) thick, and will support 0.008” (0.020mm) and 0.010” (0.025mm) diameter wires with one and two pass conditions. This technology was developed specifically for use in poor flushing conditions where the nozzles cannot be sealed on the work surface. The technology is available as a standard technology on all Makino SP and U series Wire EDMs with the MGW-S5 control.

Demonstrated at Die/Mold Expo
The new SurfaceWIZARD control will be demonstrated at the Makino Die/Mold Expo and EDM Forum to be held September 25 through September 28, 2007 at the Makino Die/Mold Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan. For more information on this and other Makino EDM innovations, contact Makino EDM Applications or Jeff Kiszonas, EDM Product Line Manager for Makino, at 248-232-6208.

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Stepped part (JPG TIF) showing how SurfaceWIZARD virtually eliminates lines at transition points.
Diagram (JPG TIF) illustrating the flatness that can be achieved with SurfaceWIZARD in two machining passes.

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